Thursday, 30 April 2009

Birthdays are for CAKE

India is way to cool now (that's how she walks around these days) and no hello Kitty cakes for the missus anymore ....Some grown-up meringue, raspberry and cheesecake and to be sure, some extra small chocolate cakes if the vanilla-cheesecake wasn't her or her brother's taste (don't panic, they liked them have to be pretty fast to get a good piece of cake around this house)
The Britney tickets are cool too mum scored !
We will inform you on the concert when it's due in July ....hopefully we can make a picture or two and Brit will reach a hand and pull India on stage !!

Every year it get's more difficult to get original and inventive...The older the child gets, the more input and the more 'cool' it has to be ....very hard...sigh !
This year I got some inspiration from a Dutch fellow Blogger, Noeks, and I did a more grown-up version of the treats we did for India to give and distribute in school. Wok-cartons, filled with freshly made micro-wave popcorn, self printed and cut-out labels with little flowery Parisian tags ....Nice, right ??

Right ?

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Excited !

Due to my Twitter adventure, I can now say I'm the proud owner of 2 Britney Spears privileged tickets for her upcoming tour in Europe. On July 9th, she will strutt her stuff in front of India and me ... India is still unaware of the fact I got 2 special tickets and this is an extra something she will be very happy with tomorrow on her 12th B-day !!
I am excited too as I dance/sing often to Britney when we play her songs in our house ...Gimme more and Womanizer are my favourites !

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

To understand these pics, you have to read the story below...

Still unaware of the HUGE mistake his new wife made !
Look at the loving glance on his face ; 24 hours later that face turned into glum and severe !

Me, checking out the time tables of the flights to Greece ; on my right you see my brother in law ; poor bast*rd, who had to wake up EARLY to bring the new Missus C. to the airport ...

Out with the girls on a roadtrip (if I still may after reading this story)

How is it you can meet equals/soulmates through the internet...I don't mean in a romantic kind of way, but more in a girly kind...
I guess it must be the stories we read from all across the world ; it's hilarious to read and see that funny and creepy stuff happens to all of us. Odd people do live everywhere and maybe these people are the aliens or invaders we are expecting for so long to land on our planet.
They've just been here all the time and have mingled and managed to live among us without us even knowing it.
When I read the things happening to Girl Interrupted, it's almost like déjâ-vue...the stories Vic is letting us in to are recognisable in many ways. Diane and I are the more demure ones in our writing ; as if the things that happen to us, almost seem unbelievable to be true.
I am a bit paranoïc too and in this sense that many people here in Antwerp, have come to known my blog and I have this little voice inside me that is saying : suppose one day this creepy person reads about him/her and will stalk me like forever !!
Uh Oh !! Big time sh*t !
Yesterday I booked my holiday (together with hubby, no kids !! yes we are romantics ...) and first thing I saw was that the first hotel on Capri has internet facilities in the hotel lobby !!
Me so happy !
I so want to share stories with you guys when I'm abroad ! Suppose we see some interesting jet-setters like Sophia Loren ...don't want you to miss out on anything !
Even the trip to Capri itself will be hilarious as I am air- as boatsick all together in one stylish Dominica when she's flying or hanging over a boat supplying fishfood !

I'll let you guys in on my little story 3 years ago when Steph and I went on our honeymoon !

August, 19th 2006...
Middle of the night, I'm waking up in my wedding dress and realise I still have to pack my suitcase for Greece, Rhodes.
I informed Stephan and my brother in law what time we should get up and when Patrick should pick us up to bring us to the airport.
Because I begin to realise I'll be flying pretty soon, I start to cry whilst packing my clothes.
I hate flying, it's the only time I cry just before going on holiday and when I think about the National Geographic program I saw 2 days before my wedding (Investigating Air Crashes) 
I sob even more and harder.
3AM, doorbell and brother in law ready to leave....chit chat in car, bla bla, me becoming VERY nervous and giggling without knowing why...(at this point Stephan is probably wondering what he ever saw in me)...Half an hour drive, saying our goodbyes and enter airport.
We're not even in there for 2 minutes as I here my just new husband say in a firm and irritated voice : don't say this is true !!?!!

"Domi", as he looks at me in a severe kind of way, "we are WAY to early...where did you see our plane supposed to be leaving at 5AM ??"
OMG, I must have misread the hours ! Me a bit ashamed and thinking, he's considering divorce even as we speak...
Then an even more severe face pops up ; "now I can't smoke for the next 5 hours !!"
This is a big issue ; I'm not a smoker or drinker (I'm very boring in fact) and the only thing we can do right now, is to wait at a little bar that's open at this early morning hour, sleep a bit with my head on a table and see Stephan pop out of the airport for his cigarette...
A couple of hours later we are informed check-in is possible and because hubby chose a bit of a luxury kind of travelling, we can sit and enjoy the lounge...
Unlucky me ; the lounge is filled with snacks and drinks (but I don't eat before I have to go on a plane as I know it all will come out anyway in the end) and I'm just sitting there, bored and hoping someone will leave a seat open at one of the internet- facilities in the same room.
On the plane, my luck again, I'm sitting in the middle chair - don't dare to get into a discussion after the mistake I made at 3AM, in getting the seat Stephan is in. The other person at my right side, is...well...big boned. I ask for 1/2 of a sleeping pill and after 30 minutes, I feel it's still not putting me into a coma. Ok, just give me that other half then....
Almost 4 hours later, I'm awakaned by the touchdown of the airplane's weels on Greek soil.
My head bounces and I'm like : WTF ?
Are we there already ?
Now, don't ask me how I got off this plane - how I got through security and how I got into our taxi...
The one hour drive gives me flashbacks of Stephan pushing me in a annoying and rough way to my side of the backseat.
Hotel lobby : a sickening feeling is searching it's way into my body...I hear a voice saying to someone "she's airsick, we'll do a tour of the hotel some other time"....
Luckily transport is nearby as I feel myself moving in something on wheels that looks like a golfcart. I've always found those silly-looking and OMG, I'm way to young to be travelling like this ! But I'm to sick to complain...
The bungalow is beautiful, in the corner of my eye, I see a tub filled with rose-petals and candle lights...same thing on the kingsize canopy bed (just the petals) and a lovely living room with a view on a private pool !
HERE WE GO....Mrs Puke is now officially my middle name...
I must have been on the couch for 3 hours, sleeping, with my newly wed husband, craving to get a tour of the hotel and enjoy any advantage a newly-wed couple can enjoy !
Not for us !!
I think this was a good way for me to find out how much I am loved by this man : you don't want me as a travel compagnion !!
So, isn't he just the bravest ? Knowing he has to be on a plane with me to Italy and then still has to endure my presence on a boat for another hour ?
I'll fill you guys in when it's August....

Monday, 27 April 2009

Update (snailtwitter)

LOVE shiny brown hair 

DIY spice up your life !
bracelet (almost - same shape other design)

Just because...

* booked the trip to Capri in combo with Sorrento
* recognised the travel agent guy by his well manicured hands (and told him so) and said to him he booked my Greek trip 2 years ago
* Had a drink consisting of ginger, sweet peppers, apple, celery sticks and cucumber after a DIY it
* have seen the sun today
* been comforting someone cause he needed it
* forgot to pick up my repaired cell phone (again !)
* found my cat Jingle Bells lying in the same position as I left this morning on my son's bed
* got a phone call from my fav shop that a bracelet was found in another shop and they will send it over to Antwerp this week (I was hoping they wouldn't find it cause it's WAY too expensive...sigh)
* pity my hubby cause he had to go the a dinner and rather would have stayed home with me on the couch
* been doubting in doing a DIY hair colouring this evening (it's such a fuss but your hair SHINES like your wearing a fake wig ; I'm addicted to shine)
* wonders why you can't find ordinary people (read : not famous) on the FIND PEOPLE tab in Twitter 
* am thinking on people I know that are so tiresome and maybe consider on ditching (not you sweeties !)
* will definitely try the mini-mini resto downstairs in my block THIS week
* wonders if Claude's tea house is open this Friday (it's a holiday for us Belgians)

Capri goodies

Hopefully we will book our Summer holiday pretty soon. Still have to wait 'til August but I don't mind...something to look forward to.
When I checked some website about the isle ...I found some pretty damn' good local products !
Limoncello and shoes !
I can understand why Jackie O went to seek a bit of rest and pleasure down there in those days ...

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Eurovision Song Contest

When I read the newspaper yesterday, I almost fell of my chair !! Patricia Kaas is representing France for this 'contest'...
Well, in the 70ies, this was still a very serious thing (remember AbbA's Waterloo) - Celine Dion (I'm NOT a Dion fan, hate that woman and her music) has won it and some golden oldies like Cliff Richard, Julio Iglesias did an entry once...
Now these last few years, it seemed you had to be a turkey (Ireland last year) or a transsexual to have a good/bad publicity...Don't ask who is representing us (it will be a Wallonian/French speaking entry - next year it's the Flemish part of the country again) but when I saw that Patricia Kaas is targetting that 1st price, I'm like...come on, you know what the problem is, it's not about how good you can sing, it's all about how many votes  you won't get from the Eastern countries ....They are not going to give you any extra points ...and she's already famous ....why the bother ?
My personal fav entry this year is the Dutch one ....they always take themselves SO serious and the group they are sending to Moskou on May 16th are The Toppers !
Famous for their glittery outfits and 'squeeze in the balls' high voices - they will try their luck !
They almost had a problem, as 1 of the original singers called it a day and quit the job !
Enter Jeroen van der Boom, maybe more of a hotty to some and shall I put this ..?
A ladiesman ...yep !
Do you European guys/girls know the entries of your countries ?
I'll bet you don't ...

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Look how long ...

the 2nd piece of crochet-art and DIY-mum-needlework has become ; and I'm not even half way ... (and the bangs are back ; did you like the glam-farah fawcett better ;-)

Friday, 24 April 2009

Delvaux stocksale

Promised myself to just go and watch and not to buy anything at ALL !
But who can resist a 100€ find that looks this vintagy ???
And to match, I got the 1970ies Farah Fawcett hair ...

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Matthew W. for H&M

Gosh, I just saw this pic of Sienna Miller and her BMF and I realised today was the day for the first part of his collection at H&M...
Gonna have to do a sneak peak tomorrow before opening the shop ...
Did any of you girls/guys buy anything at H&M today ??
Was it worth the rush ?

Views and places that wanna make you quit the job (for at least one day)

Says enough, doesn't it ....*sigh*

Monday, 20 April 2009

Did you lick this empty Jingles ?

Now why would you think I touched it woman ??

The most essential accessory

is a GREAT smile !
You can wear whatever you want, have THE best stylist in town to dress you up ; if there's nog class !
Look at these 2 girls ; they complement their clothes with a genuine smile !
Wanna see and meet them for real ?
Take a look at their fabulous shop and collection in the Schuttershofstraat, Essentiel Store...

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Up to no good !

Will this Sunday bring hope ? Will people that suffer next to the hospitalbed of a loved one be releaved in hearing everything will  be ok ...When I looked outside this morning and saw the beauty of the sun in the water...I really believed that...
I don't like people that are good and friendly to me being hurt.
Anyways, since Jingle and Jelly got their own Twitter account, they sure started walking with an 'attache moi, il y a du vent' attitude and Mr Bells is up to no good !
In his attempt to attack our fragile (read : lack of water and green fingers) olive tree...I got these snap shots...I have to admit I like the shadowplay effect...the picture reminds of Gary Oldman's shadow in Brams Stoker's Dracula...

Saturday, 18 April 2009

My other blog ...

I have this other tiny blog about my shop and while still waiting for my original website to become a fact, I think I just might use this one as 'pre-site' to keep people informed ...
So, if any of you like to see what's going in during my days (I may be a shopaholic but I'm a hard, fulltime working mum too you know ...) please be free to take a look at click click click...
I must admit it's written in Dutch so only guys like Dennis (The man who knew too much) and Jack Daniel will understand...but the pictures speak for themselves...

Friday, 17 April 2009

Simple plan

What I did today :

*finally joined Twitter
*made somebody happy in sending a present (pretty soon)
*bought some high heeled wedges today
*cried because my househelp broke my rare Artemide blue glass lampshade today ....
*made a new Brazilian friend, Luciana (and she works in a sushi restaurant...:-)
*talked to my BFF Hilary for more than an hour in my shop (how is this possible we keep on talking even tough we mail and chat almost daily)
*got a bright green pair of slacks for little Sebastian today
*still thinking what to eat this evening
*sat next to my shrink (that I haven't seen for 4 years) when I ordered myself a drink this evening and it was strange cause this guy knows way to much about me and now I've seen him in an odd but also normal situation, I was like ...WTF was I thinking ...?
*finally found the grey nailpolish I was looking for for so long
*paid my taxes :-//
*All day long I had this song (WTF) in my head ....(don't ask)
Anybody did better ?
Shoot !

and the winner is ...

(drum roll)
Girl Interrupted !!

Yes yes - she managed to guess them all right ! 
In just one smooth movement !
But no worries for all other contestants - a funky quiz will re-appear pretty soon and presents will be send around the globe...

@Girl Inter. :
please send your coordinates to and your present will be on it's way !
Congrats !

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Remember Diane's post a few days ago ?
Can you guess who these people are ...?
The first to guess the most correct (answers), will receive a package straight from Antwerp !!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Eye candy

Don't you just love a guy that stays irresistable ?
Hubby, kids and I went to our place at the coast this weekend and I saw hubby's new library ...very nice and even nicer when I my eye fell on this little book : The Bryan Ferry Story by Rex Balfour.
I guess this book must have been published in the late 70ies or 80ies, as the discography mentioned his latest solo single in 1977.
But what struck me even more were the fabulous pictures of Mr F. himself ...OMG, this guy looked (and still does) good every single day of his life and career.
I guess he just get's my price for being Mr Sexy - I have never ever known a famous guy that looked so natural and just has it !
Who do you guys/girls think deserves this price ?
And Brad Pitt is a definite NO-NO ; don't wanna hear his name or see any pictures of him !!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

DIY mum

Told you guys/girls I'm ever so creative !
My son will become 5 in July but we always celebrate this one month earlier in school, so he can give a treat to the other children and he gets to wear the 'crown' a whole day in class and school...
Each year around this time, I get this great idea (inspired by others and things I see around me) to make a special treat and try to be a bit different in the making of...
So, this year we chose a little gift bag, with a (home made) drawing card, sweats and some little other playtoy I still have to look for...Maybe you guys can help me out.
It's this little flat box with a picture in it - some tiny shallow holes and tiny silver balls, the player has to get in those holes...know what I mean ?
What's the correct 'word' for this ?
Looking at the picture, maybe I have to add a little box of crayons so the kids will know they have to colour the card that's inside the bag...see, even as we write/speak, inspiration keeps flowing ....

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Nightlife (on a warm Friday night)

When you see a scene like this, Friday night, warm, just before a long weekend, a lot of people did not work today. You'd imagine that everything is easy, relaxed and even when a few drops of warm rain came down, some of us rushed inside to enjoy a little chit-chat at the bar and laugh it all off ! Hey, it's weekend...take it easy...
There are still some people (I just guess crisis may have hit them too hard on the skull) who manage to be so obnoxious and boring, to make the people that work their ass off for you in this place, feel bad for the rest of the evening ? WTF ? They just had to wait a little longer than 2 other guys that just ordered 2 hamburgers instead of a full meal for 6 like them, and they feel they have the right to be a pain in the a** and even try to leave without paying !! What is this ?!
I call it a good tric in never having to pay your bill ; shame on you, silly utterly BORING, dull people...Stay at home for the rest of your lives and leave us people, who are trying to enjoy every free minute of our stressy lives, to the fullest !
Our dear friend and boss of this place, was stressed up but we managed to get him smiling and joking again...those kind of people are just not worth any of your energy !
Clean your mind and ditch the pain in the a** people !!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Don't worry - relax and everybody around you feels relaxed too !

Just wanted to share this moment !
My simplify and relax vibes have great effect !
Lucy, the dog of my hairdresser, Lindsay (the one I kidnapped out of the USA, sorry you American ladies ...) has never ever done this before but as I just adore cats & dogs, well, this is what happened.
Me, lying in my massage chair, having a relaxing moment when some product is doing it's thing on my stressy scalp...and look, Lucy felt my good vibrations and she knows I love her ...
she just camped on my lap - hahaha
Maybe some of you don't like the idea of a dog hanging around in a hairsalon, but it was just me and I love animals even more than people...they are sweet, always look at you as you were the most beautiful person in the world and they are faithfull...
So, this was my +feelgood moment of today ...sharing it with all you guys !

Less is more : let's simplify !

Some quotes to think about and maybe follow :

Spring is nature's way of saying : let's party !

Black and white can do anything color can !

With your feed in the sand and your head in the clouds !

Never have a bad hairday again (

If everybody spreads some love on his own square meter, everything's gonna be allright !

Ideal travel companion : hammam towel (

Clear your mind !

Get some action - make those eggs SHINE !

Here are some ideas to fill a dull moment...I think these give you some inspiration on how to decorate an egg !
I've had to many eggs lately - should cut down on them - my cholesterol is way to high !
And chocolate eggs are no option...
Looks like a sunny day today...wishing you guys and girls a very happy Friday !