Monday, 27 April 2009

Update (snailtwitter)

LOVE shiny brown hair 

DIY spice up your life !
bracelet (almost - same shape other design)

Just because...

* booked the trip to Capri in combo with Sorrento
* recognised the travel agent guy by his well manicured hands (and told him so) and said to him he booked my Greek trip 2 years ago
* Had a drink consisting of ginger, sweet peppers, apple, celery sticks and cucumber after a DIY it
* have seen the sun today
* been comforting someone cause he needed it
* forgot to pick up my repaired cell phone (again !)
* found my cat Jingle Bells lying in the same position as I left this morning on my son's bed
* got a phone call from my fav shop that a bracelet was found in another shop and they will send it over to Antwerp this week (I was hoping they wouldn't find it cause it's WAY too expensive...sigh)
* pity my hubby cause he had to go the a dinner and rather would have stayed home with me on the couch
* been doubting in doing a DIY hair colouring this evening (it's such a fuss but your hair SHINES like your wearing a fake wig ; I'm addicted to shine)
* wonders why you can't find ordinary people (read : not famous) on the FIND PEOPLE tab in Twitter 
* am thinking on people I know that are so tiresome and maybe consider on ditching (not you sweeties !)
* will definitely try the mini-mini resto downstairs in my block THIS week
* wonders if Claude's tea house is open this Friday (it's a holiday for us Belgians)


diane said...

Barbie had a make-up lesson with Tammy Fay.
Does your travel agent always wear a bag over his head?
That's all I got. It's hot today, 90 something, ugh. Too soon. Brain's melting.

Girl Interrupted said...

Haha ... that Barbie looks like me on a night out when I've attempted to use make-up :P

Yay for vacations! Hope you have a lovely time (don't forget I'm going with you) :D

That bracelet is adorable! I covet it muchly!