Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Some of my latest 'creations' ... they are also for sale for a friendly price ;-)

Sachet to put your kids pyjama's in and to hang next to the bed...

Daisy pin...

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Tribute for Glenn of the Cliènt

Some of you might know, we have some close friends wich feature sometimes in my blog.
Joel is our neighbour and his brother, founder of the celebrity hairstyling salons The Cliènt (pronounced with a French accent), died last August when we were in Italy.
I was very honoured to be invited to this event, and glad to make up to the fact we couldn't attend his brother's funeral. It all went very fast and we were back home 1 day too late. I felt really bad about that for several weeks.
Glenn was way to young to die at only 41, and sitting here in this stadion, makes you realise again what a popular person he was.
So I'd like to dedicate this post to him.
May he rest in peace.

Ludo van Campenhout is a politician and a 'schepen' (a person that works for the municipal civic office in Antwerpen) for our city. He was a good friend and Antwerp football supporter, just like Glenn. He gave us his speech just before we all started singing, You'll never walk alone' ... (not doesn't that thought give you goosebumps ?)

Normally, Glenn's 3 year old son would give the kick-off but it must be very intimidating for such a small Glenn's dad and his other grandchild did it for him.

When the game was over, the players took off their shirts and exposed their other t-shirts with Glenn's face on it ...very touching for the family.

here I am, after the match, grabbing a burger with hubby...(I did burn my was very hot and I was greedy)

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Action !

Today is...

Studay ... with some great acts on the mainstage just around our corner ....India and me , we are real big De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig fans ...
Too bad we didn't see what time they were coming ....

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Pics for the shop

Today I convinced (and it took me a LOT of talking) Sebastian to get on some clothes from the shop to take some pics for my blog's shop...
Hope you like them and I even tried out some special effects ...
The labels he's wearing are HOLLIE'S, Blond & Blond, Remi & Henri, Inge van den Broeck knitwear, Mini A Ture.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

New life !

Surprise !!
I see you guys looking ! THAT's why she was gaining weight !!
No, just kiddin' Twitter friends will already know dapper hubby became a granddad last Monday !! Alessandra found me ever so funny that I marked out hubby's name/as granddad !
His daughter became the proud mummy of baby Luca !!
Isn't he sweet ?
And very handsome ??
I think I still look ok with such a little human in my arms ... no one would ever guess I'm a little bit of a grandma too ;-)
(I sleep in the same bed as granddad, right ?)

This is the proud mummy ! Isn't this just adorable ? He's ever so sweet and such a good baby - he sleeps and drinks his milk very well ...

Maybe that's why I feel so creative ! All this baby stuff is making me soft and mellow ! ;-)

We took the baby and our family for a stroll down the streets of Antwerp (who were car-free today). People had garage sales and that always provides great pics !

We Belgians aren't chocolate-eaters only ! We have LOADS of beer to choose from...this one is called Hopus and it's served from a special bottle at your table (and opened up as we speak). They serve it in a large glass and a small one (rather petite). First you drink the small glass (tastes bitter), then you take a sip from the large glass (tastes sweet) and finally you poor the rest of the small glass into the large one = bittersweet taste...We all drink to the new baby's good health and fortune !

Still together after 4 years ...

Just came back from the mayor's ball ...a blast !

Before...gettin' ready for the ball ...

and after !

100 Chinese lanterns to welcome people in ...

Shove on for 1950-ies hair and make-up ...

Thursday, 17 September 2009


Petticoats, pearls and lots of inspiration from Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Dita von Teese !

My hair will be shiny and wavy (and on the search tomorrow for a hairclip like this) (check)

Do I have red lipstick ? (check)

Our mayor, Patrick Janssens invites you to his annual open air ball in fifties style, this Saturday, 8PM.

YaY !!
The entrance is free and swingdance lessons and lindy hop (whatever that is..) are there to try out ! A trio called Spank the Baby will teach us how to dance fifties-style ...
The Modernettes have a beauty parlor and I'm so curious to see what that's all about !
A mambo orchestra will play all night long, cocktails and music mixes of the best rock 'n roll, mambo and swingtunes...and all this for free !!
I will sure bring my little pink camera (in fact, it's India's camera but more 'instyle' to the theme) and hope to bring you loads of pictures home !
To get in the mood, I googled some hairstyles and dresscodes...
I'm very happy and always in for that kind of stuff !!

If you don't find the words, say it with an image (pics I love)

I have a folder on my desktop were I stash all pics I like/love/do something to me...
Here are just a few ... enjoy !

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Childhood memories ....

Didn't we all have a major crush on Patrick Swayze when we were in our teens ?
We saw it coming ; the big C (or the big K as I call it, in flemish cancer is pronounced 'kanker') was just spying on him to take his soul away ...
So sad ...
I read this article about his career and the 3 most popular movies/series he acted in were without any doubt, Dirty Dancing, Ghost and the series North & South !
God, did I love that series !!
I was just 15 back then and I just loved the romance Swayze had with Leslie Anne Down ...
And what about that soundtrack of Dirty Dancing .... great songs no ? Didn't we all do that water scene when we were in a swimming pool some time in our lives ? (I know I still did a couple of weeks ago in Italy, don't ask, I crazy, I know ...)
...This morning on Twitter Demi Moore spoke those famous Ghost words :
mrskutcherAnd in the words of Sam to Molly. "It's amazing Molly. The love inside, you take it with you."I love and will miss you Patrick.
Now search up that dvd of Dirty Dancing and ENJOY !!
RIP Patrick Swayze !

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Fall is good because of the cardi's

I love a good cardigan !
It's like comfort food but doesn't (always) makes you pile on the pounds.
I found a great 100% cashmere cardi at Zara's yesterday. Never imagined Zara would have natural materials ; at least, not the 100% kind.
I could already start to live in my feels really soft and good.
I decided to go back to basics ; fashionwise that is. I've seen some good ways to wear that cardi.
Cozy, messy and chic...(just need to add the accessories and voilà).
Fashionwise, I like Fall the can start up layering your clothes again. Summer gave us the chance to let our skin breathe and once the leafs start falling again, we need to cover up that sunny glow. The best way to do so is to use natural fabrics like (eco) cottons, wool and my fave wool, cashmere...