Tuesday, 30 December 2008

My treat !

I've been really sick over the past few days and the only advantage was that I've lost about 2 kilo's ...not to bad when everybody is piling on the extra pounds 'cause of their heavy Christmas meals...
Yesterday I've got a call from my BHF H. and she told me to go to the Hermès store 'cause we could have a preview on their sales !!
As I am a good friend and always do what I'm told :-) -- I ran off after closure to the Schuttershofstraat and when I entered the store Wendy (she's so sweet) started laughing...She knew I'd received the phonecall from H.
Hermès can be very classic and I only saw this beautiful trenchcoat but the price was still high, even minus the discount...(hey, the credit crunch does gives us a conscience I guess...)
I then went down to the scarves and as I'm really into the geometrical designs, I asked if there was still one left in a brownish colour.
And there was !
Even got this nice little cardbox wich explains us how to use and tie a Hermès scarf.
After the lessons and my personal little box, I'm happy to show you one way how to tie a(ny) carré scarf.
Also added a picture of me, myself and I of yesterday evening, just before I could enjoy my first real meal again after my (inconvenient) diet...

Monday, 29 December 2008

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Jingle Bells

Let me introduce you to one of the men in my house...
This is my eldest cat - Jingle Bells.
Being Christmas time - the perfect time for me to introduce him to you...
JB is a real gentleman, royalty and I'm very glad to be of his service.
He's more reserved compared to his brother - has an attitude but never uses his claws.
He's also more of a loner but 2 days ago he came to sit next to me (almost on top of the keyboard) to enjoy my company and the sun ...

Friday, 26 December 2008

On the 25th, taking a stroll to the Groenplaats...and back home through the Kloosterstraat

This Saint has put a spell on the Duke's head !

Jesus on sale !

Should I go back tomorrow for this lovely clutch ?

Wondering through the Kloosterstraat, an area were many antique stores are situated and they're even open every Sunday ...

This year she has stamped hundreds of ribbons on her window (inside ànd outside)

As promised, the picture of the Ann Demeulemeester-shop in my street..

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas eve...joy and hapiness

So nice to see people and escpecially children happy !
Here are some 'atmosphere' pictures of last night...look at his face when he sees what's in the wrapping paper ...:-)

Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas peace and sweetness


The kids made these lovely artisanal lemon cookies

Brits style du week

David Beckham arrived in Italy a few days ago and during his presentation he appeared in a demure black and white outfit.
But, at the airport, he showed us a really nice outfit...great shades, adore the scarf and brand new white sneakers...
With David - compared to Victoria - his style always looks more effortless...it just looks like he has picked his own clothes as for the wife...the stylist sleeps next to her bed.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Hot late night news from Antwerp

A few minutes ago Sugar Jackson has won his fight against Carlos Manuel Baldomir.
It took place in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp...
Very bold fight with a surprising final...but we are very happy for Sugar !
Sugar rules !!

People and things to get inspired by...

Antwerp is not that big, in fact, you can visit our city easily by feet or rent a bike (and a good lock)...
That's why I love it so much...it's compact and has everything you want just a few steps apart. Beautiful shops fill the Nationalestraat where you can find Marlies Dekkers underwear, hairdresser The Cliènt for VIPS and celebrities, Yohji Yamamoto and Fred de la Brétoniere shoes and boots.
At the end of the Nationalestraat you turn right just before the big post office and at the end of this little lane you'll see the APC and Knapp Targa shops. Vanessa Bruno is one of my favourite designers they sell here and I'm very into her bags with glittery details...
Must add one on my summer-must-have list.
For it-places like Strantwerpen in Summer, we must find ourselves a perfect Fendi bag to complete our collection of bags and clutches (on my to-do-list for 2009). Fendi can be found at Verso, Lange Gasthuisstraat (pop in at their café first to have an apple mojito before you hit the shop itself).
Go online for that something extra nobody will find before you do ; modcloth.com and click and order that chasing feathers bangle !

Marlies Dekkers, famous for her underwear design

Silver Vanessa Bruno sac available at Knapp Targa

Thàt dress from designer Claes Iversen

Chasing feathers bangle by Modcloth.com

Feérie bottle by Van Cleef & Arpels

Fendi to you bag

Fred de la Brétoniere boots

Thursday, 18 December 2008

What to wear for New Years eve

Looks similar to me...except hers will be real diamonds and mine marquisettes (it's an old bracelet I found in Greece a few years ago)

Been trying on these hairstyles and looks ...
As you know, Sienna Miller is a big inspiration fashionwise for me...
I found this picture of her wearing this lovely bracelet and remembered...I have something similar..

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

And today ....

My alltime favourite girl has to be Sienna Miller...
I just love her...I saw her recently in The Interview and I must say, I was impressed.
Not only does she give good face...(she's just lovely as a model...) she is often hunted down by the paps too...
I cannot even imagine what it must be like to be hunt down each and every day of the year by nasty photographers but I must admit I like some of those candids the best...she has this effortless style...that I just adore !

Models in the 80ies

Vogue covers of Renee

Renee dated John Taylor of Duran Duran in the eighties

My favourite models of the eighties have to be Renee Simonsen and Christie Brinkley...
I remember having Renee's pictures of her in Enrico Coveri adds on my bedroom wall. Christie became famous for me when she appeared in Billy Joel's Uptown Girl videoclip. She was and still is a very beautiful woman...
Regrettably, she hits the headlines more with messy divorces than modelling these days...Renee had been in a scandal that has something to do with the brother of the Danish heir to the throne...I even think she was one of the reasons he divorced his first wife...

What favourite model (male/female) was inspiring to you when you were a teenager ?