Saturday, 26 June 2010

I'm an official prop maker !

Ever heard or seen the 'prop' guy or girl that is mentioned in the end trailer of a movie ?
Those are the ones that make the movie look 'GOOD'.
Can you imagine Mad Men without anybody doin' prop research ? Or James Bond without a beautiful martini glass or latest cellphone ?
Well, since last week I can call myself an official propmaker !
A friend of mine, Karen, is making a book about cupcakes and she does the photographs of her book too. She's a freelance photographer and she knew I was quite handy in making cute stuff.
So, she said, make some things to make the pics look better and complete such as an apron, dress etc. ..
This is the result and I hope you like it guys ...
Oh yeah, the book will come out in November, so stay tuned for that !

Saturday, 5 June 2010

(re) New (ed) Hermès shop in Antwerp

Officially the shop will be opened June 10th and a big surprise is promised !
Let me share you these from today ; I was attracted to the golden horse balloons everywhere in town. Then it became clear to me ; they were the little Hermès horses !
We had a glass of champagne ; hubby bought himself a polo shirt (typical H orange) and me ... I got my balloon :-)

Thursday, 3 June 2010

caffé internazionale

Wanna know a secret ? Let me share you this ; the best place to enjoy a pastrami sandwich NY-style outside the USA ? It's right around my corner and it's at caffé internazionale !
On top of that, you are welcomed by a friendly owner ; you are seated in a trendy retro decor and they have fresh minttea - gingerlove tea (my 2 favs) and have a place in the sun to sit when the working day is done.
Life can be beautiful !