Saturday, 11 April 2009

Nightlife (on a warm Friday night)

When you see a scene like this, Friday night, warm, just before a long weekend, a lot of people did not work today. You'd imagine that everything is easy, relaxed and even when a few drops of warm rain came down, some of us rushed inside to enjoy a little chit-chat at the bar and laugh it all off ! Hey, it's weekend...take it easy...
There are still some people (I just guess crisis may have hit them too hard on the skull) who manage to be so obnoxious and boring, to make the people that work their ass off for you in this place, feel bad for the rest of the evening ? WTF ? They just had to wait a little longer than 2 other guys that just ordered 2 hamburgers instead of a full meal for 6 like them, and they feel they have the right to be a pain in the a** and even try to leave without paying !! What is this ?!
I call it a good tric in never having to pay your bill ; shame on you, silly utterly BORING, dull people...Stay at home for the rest of your lives and leave us people, who are trying to enjoy every free minute of our stressy lives, to the fullest !
Our dear friend and boss of this place, was stressed up but we managed to get him smiling and joking again...those kind of people are just not worth any of your energy !
Clean your mind and ditch the pain in the a** people !!


Girl Interrupted said...

Couldn't have said it better myself, Dominica. There is never any excuse for bad manners.

Hope you had a nice evening

diane said...

I had to work last night :(
Sometimes I really miss the excitement of outings like that. They are so few and far between these days.
I was loving the vibe from your photos. Too bad about those ill-mannered people. I feel sorry for their children.

Prunella Jones said...

Love these photos. It looks like a fun place.

Lily R.D. said...

I have a tree like that (see last pic) right in front of my appartment! IN PINK! Oew yes, that makes ME happy! :o)

thom wimmer said...


TOM :)