Friday, 10 April 2009

Less is more : let's simplify !

Some quotes to think about and maybe follow :

Spring is nature's way of saying : let's party !

Black and white can do anything color can !

With your feed in the sand and your head in the clouds !

Never have a bad hairday again (

If everybody spreads some love on his own square meter, everything's gonna be allright !

Ideal travel companion : hammam towel (

Clear your mind !


Helga said...

oh, yeah! ))))

diane said...

I love "happy quotes". Yours are pretty good. Your photo is good, too. You had breakfast at that little restaurant again, didn't you?

Girl Interrupted said...

I'm having a bad hair day and I want that croissant.

Dominica said...


actually, this is just down from where I live, just go down with the elevator (when it works) go outside, turn left - cross a street (10 steps) choose a table and order my B-fast ! Fast or very fast ??

Dominica said...


Noooooo, a croissant will make you fat and then you feel even worse (so, why did I eat it then ??)
Did you see the hairstuff I mentioned in this post ?
Looks pretty great actually, love those velvet birds !!

Girl Interrupted said...

I did! So pretty and original!

PrincessImp. said...

I'm with you on black and white :)