Monday, 29 March 2010

Hands off !

Just a very intimate post ! My hands were in a terrible state. Winter had left it's mark...
Dry skin, nails that didn't look too well ... on top of that, I started to bite them again.
Today I went in for a 'no appointment' treatment at Instant Spa. Full 2 hour manicure and pampering...
On top of that, I got me some Abricot Crème from Dior. It promises mutliple shine, improvement of the nails and resistance against the elements.
The little box actually looks exactly the same as when this product came out.
It looks adorable !
Don't you think ?

Sunday, 21 March 2010

We had a ball !

Drinks à volonté ; food was delicious and people were lush !

Thursday, 18 March 2010

I was born too late ... I so love this Mad Men style

my dress looks like the one on the left, only it's black chiffon ... (and it's a vintage D & G, hellloooooo)

This Saturday we'll have a little classy party for me.. yay ! It's my birthday and I wanted it to be in style ...
Monday I went out on a hunt for the perfect dress ; think Mad Men / Rockabilly / add something new to it.
I wasn't going to this particular shop but when my eye caught this vintage black dress in the back of their window display, I was enchanted by the fabric and the total look of it.
You just need to be lucky to find just your size ; second handshops only have this 1 piece/each.
Guess what, the tag said yes ; I tried it on and it fitted me like a glove.
Me so happy ....
Now I need to figure out what to do with my hair ... any ideas ? Suggestions ?

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Bangs ; 1 year anniversary

Yay ! It's been a year since I had my bangs !
And I'm still coveting the look ! I've had them shorter recently and lettin' them grow again ...
I'm letting my hair grow longer and longer and will cut it off when it get's ridiculous ...
Any changes you like to do to your hair but were always afraid to ask your hairdresser ?

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Rotterdam ; visit to BONBONonTHEblock

These bars are '100% slavefree' ; a VERY good excuse to eat chocolat, right ?
Right ?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking ? Do I have a dirty mind ??

How beautiful are those lampposts ?
Notice the bird on the glassframe ...

Hubby and me been to Rotterdam (NL) today...just a 1 hour tops drive from Antwerp.
I promised the girls from Miss BonBon agency, Marieke and Lenny to pay a visit to their shop, next to their showroom.
It's a conceptstore for kids with lovely labels such as Mini Rodini, Munster kids, Holly's, Vans, No Added Sugar, Bobo choses and many more...
As you know by now, I can't resist anything kawaii (= cute) and if the package is cute too, I'm lost.
So if you're in Holland and near Rotterdam, take a look at their store ... it's too cute not to like it.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Let's skip Spring & Summer ; I want to be dressed by Dries van Noten !

Amazing ; the guy knows how to dress women. I totally understand now why there were SO many people in his store when he re-opened after closing for 4 days to make the shop ready for a new season. Some items were sold out (!!) that same day. Crisis was far away at that point ... or maybe people just wanna have at least 1 good basic item to mix and match.

Dries van Noten has the art of picking THE perfect fabrics ; this dress is amazing. Perfect fabric, length, shoulders not too wide ...

Love at first sight : sequined jacket, furry leopard scarf and 'Casablanca' kind of trousers ...
High heels make the look complete ...

Totally my style ; short jacket (I'm only 5' 4"), black trousers and high heels ...(did you notice all these models have brown or black hair ?)

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Let them eat cake !!

Just too good to resist ; must write a blogpost about this special lady ; meet my new cake lady : Karen ...
You can find her amongst my FB friends ; originally a photographer but discovered a special talent in baking cakes !
She offered me a free cupcake to introduce herself ; she brought a bigger cake along in Oh Deer! green. Today she made me dribble over a 2 tear high cake ; I ordered a 3 story high cake for my clients on my birthday in two weeks time....
See and watch for yourselves ; I wasn't tellin' ya baloney ...
Right ?