Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Oh ! Those shoes (again) !

If there's a label that makes me irrational, weak and spend money on shoes it must be MIU MIU.
EVERY 'bl**dy' season they present THE most amazing shoes.
I've checked their updated website today. Very nice collection. The fact they used a 14 year old model makes me quiver and not because I'm excited ! She's beautiful and lovely and all, but she's is NOT a women (yet)... Still, I'm drifting, this 1 picture made me clap my hands really fast. Look at those shoes !! Aren't they just amazing ? I can see myself clatter around my house in them !

Monday, 25 July 2011


my website and my own little label.
I started CIRKUS about 2 years ago : it has been a rollercoaster ride all the way but I have to say that this, gives me even more pleasure than the shop I own.
The shop gets you closer to real people but the contact we have online through the Cirkus website is more fun. People are very excited, want to get to know you after they receive their first delivery. That's the biggest compliment a designer can get.