Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Almost Fall ... (2010)

Yesterday, I had that first feeling Fall is just around the corner ...
Windy day, sun and rain every 5 minutes - falling leaves and the first fruits of the chest-nut tree on the ground. Fresh enough to bare a scarf - umbrella in my hand and the urge for a warm coffee with something extra. I discovered peppercino, cappu with ground pepper in it ! Delicious !
Did paint the kids' room in another colour and just as their newly painted room, school will begin tomorrow !
Early mornings, rush hour and daily routines make us forget this Summer and the amazing holiday feeling I had for the longest time.
Before we know it, we must lit our fireplace, prepare for an Octobre trip to Paris and Christmas preparations will let us know the New Year will be here soon !
Aaaah, Fall can be cold but always has it's charm too.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Love at the Ponte Vecchio (Italy, Firenze)

I did some little extra to spice up my holiday (being a neverending creative soul) ..
I made these little white sachets with a message written in Italian to convince people to write their biggest lovestory to this email address : piugrandestoriadamore@gmail.com
I will wait about 1 year to read all messages send to me and then choose the best story ever !
I took advantage of hanging them in the best place some1 could ever imagine ; near that famous bridge Ponte Vecchio, covered with jewelry stores (for lovers who decide to get hitched or engaged ... or just as a making up present :^)
Walking towards the Ponte, you'll notice these locks hanging on a chain ; they are hung there by lovers who want to point out their commitment to each other or just for good luck !
Perfect spot !
Now, not only Italians or tourists can write their story, even you, yeah YOU !
If you have this great lovestory, WRITE ! It can be anonymous and people who send their story publicly, are guaranteed to privacy !
Wouldn't this make a great little book ? All these wonderful, funny or emotional tales ...
all together in 1 book ?
Please, be nice and forward this blogpost to your facebook friends all over the world !
In 1 year time, we'll bring out the best story about love ...

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Impressions of Tuscany, Italy (part deux)

cute hubby, cute waiter and VERY good wine* ! (*Brunello)


Spectacular ! Spectacular !

Sweet treats ...

My view outside my room

Sunday, 15 August 2010

End of my Summer(vacation) - Anonymous Sunday

Today is the last day without thinking about work. Tomorrow at 4PM I will have my first meeting for next collection, Summer that is.
I really loved the relaxing time(s) we had in Italy but somehow that holiday seemed to short ; in fact every holiday is always too short. I just mean, by the time I had put myself in 'relax"mode, the holiday was over and I saw myself riding back home again.
After that, we stayed at home for 2 days to unpack and we hit the road again for our beachplace at the Belgian 'Costa'..now I can't complain 'bout the weather. It has been ok and my tan has had an extra update..very much needed cause I started to shine in the dark, I was this white after that long cold Winter.
So now it's time to pack again. Everybody is still asleep except Sebastian, he's watching kids stuff on telly and me, and me here and sitting, typing and staring outside my window, enjoying those last moments of 'freedom'.
Back to reality. Back to people I know and nagging about all those things that are not important.
I think I will tell them, hey ... our lives aren't that bad ! Relax and enjoy it, the time is now !
Workwise, I'm thinking about making a change in the near future. I would like to sell the shop and it's name and start a webshop with original kids stuff to sell on it.
I'd like to work more at home and have more (extra) time to watch and raise my kids.
So these last 4 weeks have been a period of reflection and looking back on how I've done these last 3 years and if this is really what I want to do for the rest of my life.
Have any of you considered an change ? Workwise ? Or more dramatic changes in your personal life ? Share them if you want .. let's make this Anonymous Sunday and write everything down in the comment space ... who knows, it might see you things more clearly once written down...it's so much more REAL !