Monday, 27 April 2009

Capri goodies

Hopefully we will book our Summer holiday pretty soon. Still have to wait 'til August but I don't mind...something to look forward to.
When I checked some website about the isle ...I found some pretty damn' good local products !
Limoncello and shoes !
I can understand why Jackie O went to seek a bit of rest and pleasure down there in those days ...


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Yea, summer vacations are the best. Love the pics and its nostalgia.

Girl Interrupted said...

Jackie O was so effortlessly graceful!

Hope you get a lovely holiday booked :) ... let me know if there's room in your suitcase for me :P

Dominica said...


There will be room for sure !! LOL
Want to bring loads of goodies with me and you can live a holiday romance with some Greek or Italian tycoon and get married Jackie O style...= everybody happy ? yeay !!

diane said...

Jackie was so classic, in every sense. I love that she helped her relatives, The Beals, when she discovered that they were living in squalor.