Thursday, 23 September 2010

Bitter Sweet café (Bitter Zoet)

One of my fav places to enjoy breakfast or just a latté !
Still brill weather outside so I might just enjoy my coffee outside ... and enjoy the company of Lisa, the owner of Bitter Zoet ...
These kinda places always attract creative or arty people, just like this morning.
The 2 guys seen in the pictures are creators of a (new) character they'd like to become a household name to newspapers like De Standaard or De Morgen ... They draw and invent adventures for a short comic rready to be launched soon !
They gave good face too, as seen in the pics ! Thanks for posing for me guys !

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Origami (part 1)

When hubby had to go on a businesstrip to Japan for the 2nd time, I would be more prepared in explaining to him what KAWAII means. The first he went, 4 years ago, he did not know me that well enough to see what I really ment by that. Being a Hello Kitty and anything cute admirer, I asked him to bring home childish, cute stuff. He came back and brought me Elle magazine, Japan edition, a bottle of Evian water with Japanese signs on it, a kimono (actually 3 !!) and newspapers. He explained to me he never saw anything cute on his way, except for the blossoming trees that, if you are lucky to be there, are just in full bloom.
When I saw the pictures of that trip later on, I could have easily break off our engagement cause in the pics he was posing in front of THE cutest shop where 100-dreds of Hello Kitty figurines and more cute stuff was shown in the window display.
After 4 years of marriage and strolling along many kids fairs for my own shop, he now knows what I mean when I say 'I want THAT' ...

So hubby brought along very cute stuff (also shown live on twitvid) and my much longed for Origami paper ! He brought LOADS !!
Now, I'm a visual person, I don't do written explanations and tried to make a figurine with the help of some youtube vid.
OMG !! So hard !! Let's try and skip the origami cat to begin with and start with an easy to fold 'gift box' ... I think I will use 'paper to practice' at first, cause I don't want all my beautiful flowery and kawaii origami paper to go to waist.
Have any of you followed or done this before ? Any good tips maybe ?

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Laundry Day (part deux)

India & myself getting ready for Laundry

She loved my hot pink Converse's ; not bad for a 40 year old mom of 2, right ?
Gettin' such compliments from people half my age ...

Some pics of yesterday/last night's event : Laundry Day, annual event at 'Nieuw Zuid' just 5 minutes away from my house !
I love this city !

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Hang uw vuile was buiten ...(Laundry Day)

Tonight, India and I will do some moves, gettin' down on the grooves ! Belgian DJ's will do their set all day and night long ! Can't wait to see/hear Shameboy, my personal fav !