Tuesday, 31 March 2009

She did it again...

She did it again, for me at least .... yet another outfit with her black tuxedo jacket ...The girl gives me inspiration in a split second..look how great she looks and she knows...
Doesn't she seem to be content, more happy than a couple of months ago...

What the hell should we buy her ?

You know what I really really dislike (read : hate) ?
Doing mandatory numbers that will take SO much of your time while you could be doing something completely different and creative (read : fun) instead.
I have this 'M-number' coming up somewhere in my very near future and despite the improving weather, I'm hoping that we will have very bad days of rain and greyness in between, just to make sure that it's impossible to organize any form of BBQ.
I have a very small family myself and after my parents died, family M-numbers have been reduced to minus zero. I'd rather choose my friends myself than being stuck with people that just don't give a sh*t about you (the kind that asks you a question but doesn't listen to your answer and knows everything better)
So, the little family that's still left has been 'begging' me to attend a dinnerparty (I've begged for a BBQ as a compromise ; BBQ's are mostly held in gardens (haha) so I can escape and climb into a tree or hide in a bush). So, who am I hiding from ? Remember those old BBC's series called 'Carry On...' ?
Well, one of the main actors is/was Kenneth Williams and physically he reminds me of the 'Blair Witch meets Cruella meets Hyancint Bucket'-woman I'm so desperate trying to avoid in any way I can.
I hardly see or meet the woman (thank God !) but occasionally, she pops up in our scene of other mandatory numbers (oh well, maybe more mandatory to me...) and it sounds evil but I just don't want the woman or her whining/nagging husband in my circle of trust. My circle of trust has a width of, well let's say ...15 km ..?!
That should do !
What the hell should I be talking about with such a creature ? Don't misunderstand me, I DO have respect for the elderly and there are some lovely people that I know and I love to listen to their stories (but they should sound like 'The Notebook' kinda stories, not told in a squeaky, schrill voice and when drunk even worse and LOUD !)
And I believe in modesty, in any kind of way ... blague and exxageration doesn't tickle my fancy in people.
Less is more !
So, what I was thinking - why don't I just scare the hell out of her in giving her a present that reflects her 'good taste' and over the top behaviour ?
I just saw this wonderful book the other day, at Copyright, the bookstore that is housed in the Momu building, and I think it will hit the spot I am targeting...
Who knows, she will be so surprised and wonder what the hell I was thinking in buying this specific gift for her...maybe she just keeps her mouth shut the entire day/evening wondering...

Good idea or good idea ?

These are for me and my beloved ones...no such books for 'evil family'...

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sunday Facehunting

This girl from Breda (NL) just came out of the Museum and she immediately stood out with her fabulous hairwear !
She was so nice to strike a little pose for me ....
It's great to see all ages can enjoy a cultural visit. Maybe I just have to camp more outside to catch some great pictures ...

India and her friend playing on the stairs of the Museum...simply having fun. 

Typical !

He Was Gorgeous - Free videos are just a click away

Light pollution

Our little, tiny country is situated just above Paris...you can see the spot on Paris pretty well...and then you have this almost completely covered country, beaming into space...the south of the Netherlands can count as well.

In my previous job, I did something completely different. Also creative but much more technical, I used to advise people on light ...
Light ?
Well, I did listen to what people really wanted concerning light and I tried to give them an idea on how that would look/feel like in their home, office, garden. Not easy, how do you explain 'light' to someone if you can't see it that instant.
What almost struck me every time, was how much light people wanted in their homes or garden.
As if it was a contest on who had the most, the biggest and largest set of light devices in and around their house.
I've always known that Belgium was a pretty well lighted country but when I saw the images last night on the telly,  looking at a night view flat earth image...I almost started to cry !!
How bad are we ?
I could advice so many people on how to 'comsuminderen' (translated as consuming (less) but with a conscience).
Pretty soon traditional lightbulbs will dissappear but I'm afraid not many people know how to use a energy saving lamp or fluorescents. Even the long lasting sodium or natrium lamps could be a solution but if you turn the switch of that kind of lamp off, you have to wait at least 10 to 15 minutes to even be able to turn it on again...
Same for energy saving/fluorescent lamps : once turned on, keep them on !
The peak it reaches everytime it's turned on again, is the same as 1 hour of lamp consumption.
I'm not going to be a knight on morals here...don't wanna sound to preachy...but it just hit me last night when I saw the image...

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Vital Voices

Remember the pink card I got for my B-day to spend at Diane von Furstenberg a month ago ?
Well, I went down their store a week ago to see if I could fit a wrap dress but whatever size I tried, from a 4 till a 10, my boobs kept falling out like rabbits jumping over a fence...
So, no wrap dress for Dominica but I did mix pleasures with a good cause.
The comic book totes she sells benefit Vital Choices (click on title for more info), an organization dedicated to improving the lives of women worldwide.
DVF wants to empower women by bringing out the wonder woman in all of us with this limited edition tote bag featuring graphics from DVF's comic book.

So, they still had 2 pieces in the Brussels store and this nice shoplady reserved it just for me and last Monday, I went over to fetch it.
OMG, this is a HUGE bag - more for Summer and even better the beach...but I will at least travel in style down the pool and make a difference in explaining what the bag stands for when people will stop me and ask ; where did you get THAT bag !!??
If I can help at least 1 woman, then everything's not lost...
So, let's call the upcoming week the WOW-week (women empowering women) and show the world our girl-power ...

Friday, 27 March 2009

Great site and tag !

Me, 1 year ago...with ultra short hair, just before I killed my previous hairdresser and got extensions at Lindsay, my current one....

OMG, did I just find a great website through a blog-friend ...!!
I am such a sucker for trays and lovely prints...I did find some transfer paper this week (finally) so I can do my own t shirts pretty soon...will get into that later when results can be shown !! I am so creative lately !! :-O
And just for fun, let me tag Diane first ... the 'mission' is ....tataaaaa
go back into your computer and find any picture but preferably one of yourself, this time, 1 year ago (if too difficult, can also be 2 years ago, 3 ...and so on...)
So, hit us Diane !!
Share the vibe !

Thursday, 26 March 2009

(re) New(ed) Hobby

Had to find something relaxing and the weather still is very unpredictable to do something on a daily basis outside...
So I went to Veritas, a shop known for it's wools and cottons, buttons and ribbons...
Found a few nice eco-cotton knit materials and started of a week ago...
So, I try to crochet each evening like for one hour and look, a scarf has emerged from a 'bolleke sui' (Antwerpian dialect for a wool ball of knitting material)..
I feel a bit mumsy and old-fashioned but I don't give a sh*t...I'm having fun and pretty soon my crocheting skills will improve !

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Style du jour (last Friday)

leather jacket : Sandro
sailor tee : Hennes
jean : old Hennes
ancle boots : Sasha
scarf : Louis Vuitton
bag : Chanel

Monday, 23 March 2009


Had to leave my cell phone behind to get repeared and needed to clean out (or send to email-adres) my pictures - as I don't have a memory card (why doesn't anyone tell you this BEFORE you buy a phone ...)...
I found a few older pics of my kids, one of children's shoes (I take pictures at fairs, to memorize what I have seen) and this lovely summer picture of last August.
It was warm but just started raining ; we took shelter in our little tent we bought that morning.
Just bought the traditional ice-creams for the kids (look at Sebastian's face !!) and I remember being glad to have brought some wipes (sand and sticky fingers ; no can do !)
Aaahhh, when will Summer hit us again...? Today I went out with sunglasses on my nose and came just in time back home to look at the rain poring down...
Me not happy with that !

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Paper Fashion

Finally got the chance today to go to the Momu....
Hubby and I went to the Paper Fashion exhibition ... to my surprise, it turned out even more fabulous than I expected. The use of paper in fashion appears in various cultures and is used in advertising, politics, packaging, DIY, origami and clothing they used to dress the death (people) during wars and recession when textiles and fabric were too expensive and limited. When I looked at all these wonderful creations, I realised that paper comes in many varieties....

Bed peace - Hair peace

40 years ago, John Lennon & Yoko Ono remained in their hotel bed, between the sheets....

In March 1969, during the last days of the Beatles, John Lennon and Yoko Ono gave face to images that were iconic before their time.
Their 'bed-in' in the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel, wasn't a coincidence ; Amsterdam was the capital of 'provo's and hippies'... Exactly 40 years after these magical pictures were taken, books and exhibitions arise everywhere...It's the ultimate paradox ; nostalgia for a youth that never ends ...

Some great tips when you visit Amsterdam and search for traces of provo and hippie :
Hilton Hotel, Apollolaan : the hotel where John & Yoko held their bed-in and also the hotel where Herman Brood jumped to this death...(click on his name to hear his best song ever !)

Monument on the Dam :
Hippies 'happenden' around the Monument at nightfall and slept around it at night. They became famous als 'Damslapers' (Dam-sleapers)

Leidseplein :
Became Oranjevrijplein on May 11th, 1970 - the core of the imaginary Kabouterbeweging (Gnome movement) was founded here ; in 1970 the movement gained 5 seats in the municipal governement..

Singel 52 :
the very first location of the 'commune' in 1970.
Provo's were synonym for free love ; (quote :) we stand for the principal of total amoral promiscuity

Central Station :
The central hall was the battlefield in 1967 between longhaired youngsters and hundreds of marines and sailors.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Elf's & Angels

I've been thinking about a good photographer lately to do some studiowork for me as the work to finalize my website is progressing.
Today however, I got this mail from a shop in my mailbox and I know I saw this shop before.
It's situated on the Kipdorpvest, where also Pieter Porters' shop is seen (see blogpost somewhere at the end of last year)...and each time I pass the window-display I notice this wonderful picture ...
As I was saying, I got this mail and I opened up the website and OMG, how beautiful all these pictures are ...
I might even consider Sebastian's pictures taken but I need to know their prices first ...
Will let you know how this adventure turns out ...

Finally, Sissy-Boy in Antwerp

Remember the pics of those 2 young girls I posted a few days ago ?
Well, on that same street - Nationalestraat - an ancient building is being restored since a couple of years and finally it's getting to the point of being finalised.
This morning, walking by and headed for the post office (yes you guys, I'm also into snail-mail, call me nostalgic) I saw the building finally got new windows downstairs and there was a sign hanging wich said ; Sissy-Boy opening soon !
I'm so thrilled cause I love this basic Dutch brand, kinda Bellerose style but even more basic and on top - they also sell house stuff !
The only time I could visit the SB stores was when I visited Amsterdam or online ...
So, now I can stroll down a new store pretty soon and take advantage when they do some damn good sales ...

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Spring kick off !

This is the final sign that Spring finally has hit our town !
When I came home from the job this evening, I saw - for the first time since last October - people sitting on the steps of our beautiful museum.
From now on, each afternoon, evening and night, the steps will be filled with the beautiful people that live or visit our city of Antwerp...Some even bring a bottle of wine, Bollie sweetie and some snacks ... This is our way of city picknicking .....

This is how I got started (this morning) - Not outside yet (look at the terrace) ; will be doing that pretty soon !

Dati & Bruni

I am very sorry you guys, but Rashida Dati has so much class ; she outshines Carla Bruni EVERY time !

Monday, 16 March 2009

Daytime Swagger

as Karl Edwin Guerre would say ...These 2 lovely ladies caught my eye today and I asked them friendly if they would like to be photographed for my blog and they agreed !
Don't you just love their style and colour-coördinated 'ensembles' ?
This picture was taken near the MoMu (I was talking about in my blog yesterday) and just across the Yohji Yamamoto shop ...
As you all can see - down here in Antwerp - we enjoyed the first warmth of Spring ....

Bad hairday ?

But not today ! Just wanted to share an hilarious moment with you guys ... don't I look like an alien :-)
I've been 'pampering' myself lately cause these are my last days as a 30-something (NOT !)
No, just kidding - I'm turning 39 next Friday and I feel quite good about myself but I fear the moment turning 40 ! I just can't believe I'm headed for this milestone in my life pretty soon.
I'm glad to be healthy and full of energy (the rest you can buy ...health is the most precious gift in a human being's life) but there's a little voice in my head that keeps on saying : no, you must be wrong, the date of birth on my ID-card can never be 1970 ! Impossible...I'm way to 'schattig' (haha) to be at this age already !
I guess it's just in my head but still - it's like turning 30, times ten !
At least for me it is !
I'm at this stage my daughter is losing her 'baby fat' and turning into what I used to look like...
Strange, it's like looking in a mirror and you see yourself again as a young teenager.
I don't want to whine about it but it's just HUGE for me ... that's all (hope someone understands the crap I'm talking about here ...)

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Closed or open ?

Mondays, I have my day off...I mean, that's the day my shop is closed and I do my mandatory errands (post, bank, paperwork) but I also take the time to relax, have some quality time on my own and do some things I been longing to do for some time...
Tomorrow, I need to get back to Lindsay to have my hair coloured (scissor work has been done last week, as you all know by now) - but that's at 9am...so, I still have plenty of time to relax and go out afterwards.
I've been thinking about going to the MoMu (Mode Museum = Fashion Museum) to see the Paper Collection but I just checked the opening days/hours and so not fair = they're closed on Mondays.....:-//
Luckily we have a little piece of our town near the central station that is open 24/7 ; Chinatown !
I love to go the Sun Wah supermarket and browse through the shelves to see what product has the nicest 'emballage' and I'll just buy it because it looks 'hot' ...
Last time I visited the SW-supermarket I bought this wonderful packaged tea with 101 Hello Kitty-figurines on each paper but the tea tasted horrendous...I expected some lovely jasmin-flavoured tea and got some very spicy herbal broth instead .... 
I still get goosebumps when I think about it ....
But hey, I never turn off what I have not tasted before...
Hope to bring you some nice pics and stories tomorrow ..

Have a lovely Sunday (night) ....


I have a lovely label in my little shop called Pip Studio.
The founder of PS is Catharina and she finds her inspiration for Pip (her own nickname since childhood) in stuff she found when cleaning out the attic when her grandmother died...
Apparently, her 'oma' (Dutch for grandmother) had collected papers, ribbons, pearls and beads and lots of other frills through the years and founded the base for this lovely collection.