Monday, 22 August 2011

Redirecting you to the new blog

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Saturday, 13 August 2011

This is the end ...

But not really. in fact, it's the beginning of a new phase in my life. In 3 weeks time from now, Mr. C and I will get the keys to our new house.
I already wanted to do something else with the blog - changing the style and it's subjects. So now comes a great opportunity to (re)start a new blog.
Still thinking hard about the new blog title but I might have found something, whilst reading this great book by Elizabeth Bard. Lunch in Paris is a book about a new beginning and somewhere between the lines, I found this 4 word nickname Elizabeth gave lovingly to her (then) future husband. I might change it into a more feminine title, to make it sound better for me and the things I wanna write about.


Now, what's the new blog gonna be all about ? (* click on the words "the new blog" above or on the main title)
Fashion will always be a passion of mine but I feel I could share more closer to me subjects.
For instance, I will have a better equipped kitchen and I might do a bit of Julia Child imitation here. I finally will have my OWN private workspace so I can invite you all in my world of creativeness. Sebastian's room will be the first of many home decorating projects (and I already have a neighbour, Karen who wants to find inspiration in his room and is invited to enjoy the final result for Sebastian's room - she has 2 sons herself). We made this deal a couple of weeks ago. Now, she said the 'hood' we are welcomed in, is a childfriendly, 30-40 something area, peaceful yet trendy but not the m'as tu vue scene we are used to live in right now ! I do have to admit I am pretty fed up by the constant presence of people. I mean, can't I just stay in my PJ's for my morning coffee ! Oh the hell yes !! The prospect of my own little city garden with a spot in the morning sun makes me jump for joy. *am clapping my hands as we speak*

I don't want to sound like a-social bitch but the 'Antwerpen Zuid' scene gave me the same feel as 'fried air' these last 2 years. It just did not feel home to me anymore.


I now can but hope you will follow me into this new personal era.
As soon as the new blogname is a fact, I will leave a constant link to the new blog, so you guys can click it and follow me again.
Hope to see you all very soon.

Talk to you soon !