Saturday, 31 July 2010

I'm gonna make you want MORE !

Hi, I'm back from Tuscany and brought along some wonderful pictures . To make you come back for more on this blog, I've started with a selection of the food pictures ...
I hope you het inspired in making an honest and Italian inspired meal today.
Let me know wich picture/food made you run into that kitchen of yours !!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Oh Deer, little deery has been in some places !!

I'm in Italy as we speak and I brought a friend of mine along !
Little Miss Deer has enjoyed the travelling in Tuscany and Bologna, as you can see in these pictures ....

Thursday, 15 July 2010

I know ... I've been a bad bad blogger !!

So sue me !!
No I will make it up to you guys cause this girl here is going to Italy again !
I don't want to bore you with my daily ongoing sh*t - my recent vegetarian way of living - or the part of my family that does my head in !
I don't even want to bother you with my 57890876th dress or hat I've been making, uhu ... I want to make you dream and crave a trip to Tuscany.
This year has been even worse than last year, stresswise that is and divorce is considered many times more than "what shall we eat tonight".
I may have my happy mask on almost all the time but inside I was raging, out of my mind crazy and my voice has hit high notes on the decibelmeter many times.
Luckily I can project my (bad) energy towards my creative skills and am I surrounded with a couple of wonderful ladies that share a similar passion and hey, they even want my shoulder to cry on when there lifes get to heavy to be happy all the time.
Maybe some distance from my country and hometown and a couple of people ...(in fact 2 people I don't want to see for a while and a LONG LONG time and I mean a LONG time) will see me things brighter and in another perspective. I'm on the verge on committing murder so, I guess I need to be surrounded with fabulous Tuscan light to keep my spirits high ! I need inspiration for crying out loud ! Not some attention seeking lowlifes that need a urgent and mandatory visit with the quickest available shrink if you please !
See, even as I write my anger makes me almost have a heartattack and makes this blood cook through my vains. Time to be away from it all and in fact say NO for good !
Yes to beauty, yes to inspiration and yes to positive people that feed me with positive vibes.
I want to have that 'I'm in love with life' feeling's lost right now but not gone for ever.
So stay tuned for great pics to follow and be informed the fastest via Twitter. What did I hear you say ? You don't have a Twitter account yet ? Yes, I am talking to you ! Go get one right away !!