Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Eye candy

Don't you just love a guy that stays irresistable ?
Hubby, kids and I went to our place at the coast this weekend and I saw hubby's new library ...very nice and even nicer when I my eye fell on this little book : The Bryan Ferry Story by Rex Balfour.
I guess this book must have been published in the late 70ies or 80ies, as the discography mentioned his latest solo single in 1977.
But what struck me even more were the fabulous pictures of Mr F. himself ...OMG, this guy looked (and still does) good every single day of his life and career.
I guess he just get's my price for being Mr Sexy - I have never ever known a famous guy that looked so natural and just has it !
Who do you guys/girls think deserves this price ?
And Brad Pitt is a definite NO-NO ; don't wanna hear his name or see any pictures of him !!


diane said...

Tom Ford, delicious.

Dominica said...


I think he will be even more gorgeous in ten years time...(but oh so gay and what a waist (for us girls) that is)

mieke willems said...

hallo dominica! leuk om antwerpen in deze blog te zien! we zagen ergens dat jij ook een winkel hebt, welke is dat??? heel nieuwsgierig! tot binnenkort,
veronik en mieke

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

this man exudes cool.

XAVS said...

T.F...flawless..plus, he is gay, not a waste, a blessing;)

Lily R.D. said...

Don't know what it is with him, he's not even pretty, but damn, I luuuuve him... Irresistable! (and luuuuve his music too!!!) (yes, I'm back... ;o))

Dominica said...

I love gay guys, I really do but why are the best dressed, the loveliest and most handsome men always gay ?? (sigh)

@ Lily RD
About time , sweetie !!
big kiss XXX

Lily R.D. said...

Nu toch maar snel eens afspreken hé! Echt te lang geleden :o(

Bisou x

Jack Daniel said...

Hm, who's that lady with Brayn Ferry? :)