Saturday, 29 May 2010

New place in town (part deux)

As I wrote in my previous post, Graanmarkt 13 is a new hotspot in Antwerp. We had dinner last night and it was absolutely amazing. Not only did I manage to have my husband for myself (only) last night, 1-0 for me, we had the most lovely food in weeks !
Let the pictures speak for themselves ... enjoy !

PS don't you just 'heart' those words and quotes on the cards ?

Sunday, 23 May 2010

New place in town ...

Another great discovery this weekend ! Graanmarkt 13 ...
A beautiful concept store that sells brands you don't see in every other shop and so glad they sell Mauro Griffoni too !
Next season their men's collection will be a fact too and one of these days hubby and me will definetely try out their restaurant.
What I'm most happy about it that they have the art work from Hella Jongerius. There's this 1 piece that's on my wishlist and I was SO thrilled to see it for real.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

A day in Lille, France

Creative people are anywhere ; isn't this a great place to recreate your ideas ?

I am skipping anything pasta, rice and bread currently (making myself swimsuit ready). The hardest part is the bread part ; I love the smell of it, it's texture and the taste ... that's why I wanted to share this picture with you guys ... (craving, I'm craving)

Let the pictures speak for itself ; a lovely town that surprised me even more the 2nd time around.
A mix of ancient buildings and design ; lovely oldskool shops, patisseries and modern cook shops. Just 1,5h drive from Antwerp you will feel a like a French girl and crave for some more, direction Paris ...

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Coats for trees

Walking back home the other day, I discovered this great initiative by people that live in that particular street in Antwerp. The trees are mostly used to display decorative elements ; practical and useful, they are often used as a support to help the birds find food in Winter.
Ornaments hang there, a treat to the eye, thinking about those poor creatures lacking of food and water. But this time it was the trees that got a decoration of their own. Cute wintercoats, knitted by some busy bee of the area. I couldn't resist and take some pics and share them with you.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Zadig & Voltaire

I've always been a great fan of Zadig & Voltaire ... their style is casual chic, jeune Parisiènne meets GI Jane with some extra bling.
I'm a recycler and when I sell something in our local second hand store, I treat myself to something new. That's how I got the army blouse slash coat.
The fabric is heavy enough to be worn as a jacket and the compliments I got on this number have been awesome. The little details make the jacket feminine but also a little tomboy-ish.
The military style is hot now and luckily available in many stores ; I can step out of my black & navyblue numbers, stay basic and simple in my fabrics choice. Think Garance Doré ; she could be THE perfect Zadig & Voltaire girl.
Check out their online store ; I'm sure you will be seduced in buying that little MICK of IGGY tunisien (shirt) !