Sunday, 31 January 2010

A true artist ; Dries van Noten

Snapshot at Dries VN shop in Antwerp

This fabric has been woodblock printed ; look how amazing this handwork looks !

Every day, I pass at least 1 time the Dries van Noten shop here in Antwerp. Not because I'm stalking the handsome salesman that works over there but just because Sebastian, my 5 year old, wants to take the tram to go to school. He has a tram-addiction. He likes the ride, watching all the stores he likes (particularly the mall where his fav playstore is) on his way to school. I'm a fool but I have to admit I like the warm cosy ride too - even though we are way quicker if we just would walk to school.
Since last Friday, new collection has been displayed in the DVN shop.
My nose must have left a greasy mark on every tram-window I have been on : this is such a beautiful display, EVERY time !
But this season ; WOW !!
He really got inspired by African/ethnic fabrics ...
He has managed to create a collection that looks Paris on top and African beauty down the waist ... LOVE it !
Correction : ADORE it !
Yesterday hubby picked me up in my shop after closing hours and normally we would go and have a relaxing drink somewhere in the city.
But I asked him to take a look at the window display at Dries'...
I'm getting inspired by just looking at this shop...
I even managed to get hubby inside. He likes Dries too. The suits are perfect for him.
The place was busy, crowded and except for this one politician + wife who 'polluted' the scene...everything was perfect.
Shoes, dresses, jackets, skirts, suits, scarfs, belts ..... aaaahhhhhh !
Hubby seemed to be mesmerized too ; he immediately 'fell' for this scarf and silk shirt ...
And he did not forget his lovely wife :-)
He got me this beautiful jacket and flashy pyton leather green belt.
Yay !

Saturday, 30 January 2010

little preview

I'm always excited to choose new collections for next season ; the Inge VDB collections are always my fav ! I never know what it's gonna look like cause she's not at the Kleine Fabriek fair but has her own little private showroom.
I'm not showing you all - I like it to be a little bit of a mystery but I can see some of you imagening a complete outfit for some special little girl ...
Wich one is your favourite..the kitten, right ?

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Peace and and especially some quiet !!

That's what I call luxury ; a warm place just for me, myself and I ...

food for the mind : silence ... 

food for the body ... 

Hehe, hubby and I have a VERY hectic week this week ; unbelievable ! How much can a person take ? On top of that, my sister in law needs to be in hospital ... not fair ! 
I hope everything turns out well. 
You blogger-friends are very priviliged you know ;-) 
I'm not at all in a talking mood - I really don't need to catch up, listen and be friendly or even be a friend at this point. I think I have to take 5 and need some space here.
Just on my own ... I'm a terrible friend ; that's why internet-friendships suit me the best ; you just can log-out and dissapear for a while...
I'm not depressed or something ; I'm working my arse off - I really like to work - it makes me feel I'm alive. Thank God for having my own shop and no business partners ...
Sounds a bit selfish ? Hell yeah ...
I guess that's the trouble in being an only child, orphan and busy mom. I don't need to do mandatory numbers with family ; except for my brother & sister in law (I don't have any family left anymore, easy)
I love hubby's brother and his wife dearly ; they are so down to earth, take me as I am.
They know I'm creative, a busy bee and funny sometimes ; but I'm in no funny mood at this point.
I want to be alone or with hubby ; if hubby needs to work I submerge myself in my own little Nica world ; lonely breakfast, me and my knittin' needles, work work work, pick up Sebastian from school, take care of my kids and then take care of myself ...
It's like that 'nesting' feeling you have just before you give birth to your baby...moms out there will understand what I mean.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Sissy Boy Antwerp

Last August Sissy Boy opened a store in Antwerp !
I remember being very excited about that ... Every time I pass by, I need to take a look ; they have a perfect choice in cute little items, ideal for presents etc. ...
I took 2 pics in the store itself today with my phone .... check it out when you're in Antwerp !

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Brussels, Le Sablon (Zavel)

Hubby and me have been on a little trip to Brussels today ... Le Sablon area still looked exactly the same as at least 7 years ago ...
We had a great meal - found an oldskool kids book and took some more snapshots ... enjoy !

Friday, 22 January 2010

Help Haïti !!

Listen to Radio today - send an sms to 4666 to help !!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sussie's retro stock sale (per kilo)

Another great thing in Antwerp (and probably available in many great towns around Europe and the USA) is limited sales in hidden places. Sussie's sells retro vintage clothes, shoes and accessories from the 70ies !
You pick whatever you fancy and at the counter they weigh what you bought ; it's 10€ per kilo.
Lien from the great blog Vermiljoen gave me this great idea if you'd ever found some dress in a wonderful fabric, way too big for yourself to wear, you could use the fabric to create something new !
Why didn't I think of that ?! I like people like Lien whit great ideas tocreate and re-create stuff and help the environment a little too.
Now, I'm not keeping them all myself, but I enjoyed this fancy dress-up fun yesterday evening and hubby seemed to like it too !

Saturday, 16 January 2010


This past week, I had an appointment out of town for Sebastian.
We had to see this kids-dentist, who is just great with kids Seb's age ...
On our way, the cab stopped in front of a red light and as I was looking outside I squeaked by the sight of this wool I was looking for like ages !!
Hot pink, bright green and the brightest yellow seemed to scream at me ; BUY US !!
So this morning hubby and I drove to Merksem and stopped our car 10 minutes before the lady opened her shop.
I've never been so excited as this morning (I know, don't's always the stupidest of things that make me happy as a child)
Inspiration has been haunting my brains this past week and I'm happy to say I can start thinking about new ideas ... bright ones !!
To say the least ...

Sunday, 10 January 2010

preview voor OH DEER! 2010 F/W collections

A very famous toy ; the French 'Sophie la Girafe' ...

It's so nice to get a real surprise !!

Those are the surprises that give people the most pleasure ; the unexpected ones !!
A year ago I asked if it was possible to do overseas shipping about this stuff sold on Etsy ...
It wasn't ; I was somehow dissappointed cause, everything I ever found through Etsy, came to me by overseas post without any problem.
A few weeks ago, a convo/message came in my personal mailbox ; the message said to send an address ...
And look, a year after my first attempt to buy these lovely handmade birds for my Christmas tree, I got 2 and for free !
Thank you so much Marie ...

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Positive Energy ..

The red string is meant to avoid the 'evil eye' or bad energy from other people...
Red is the colour of life en wanting to accredit, receive it. The string is always worn on your left hand ; according to Kabbalah this is the receivers side of your body. Of course, anyone can wear such a string but it only offers protection if you're not a negative 'vibe' yourself. So the string also works as a reminder to be aware of what you are doing in and with (your) life. The way to knot is also important ; 6 knots have to lie on top of each other and represent each a different prayer ....
If religion was something I'd be in to...I guess Kabbalah or Buddhism would be the closest to me ... at this point, let's say I'm Agnostic ...

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Everything is an inspiration ...

close up picture from my own shop ...

This for example is a very cute shop on the other side of town ; the Zurenborg area. Every beautiful place, can be an inspiration. You can see the woman behind this store and concept has put her heart and soul into it ; I just love that. So I don't see her shop as competition, rather as a soul-sister. This week, my shop will appear in Knack magazine ; it's a special eco-edition (I have the concept in mixing old & new) and they want to mention the fact I also sell second-
hand/vintage kids clothing. I am very happy with that, cause it's a well read mag and it gives us an extra boost and free advertisement. Sunday hubby and me are headed to Amsterdam (again, it goes so fast) to choose the next Winter collection 2010-2011 ! Yes, the new year just started and we are talking 2011 already.
I'm looking forward to that cause it always inspires me and I promise to take lots of pictures !!