Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Fratelli Rossetti

Lately, I'm developing a bad case of shoe addiction. I've always loved a good shoe but was somehow a bit avaricious to spend lots of money on them. I was or am more of a Converse girl.
After my 3 pairs at Marcoz last month (1 pair is still hiding in the box cause I feel a bit ashamed in what hubby will think) I got me another pair of lovelies. They were calling me in the window display when I went for my first run at the coast last weekend. Normally I concentrate on my running at this early hour, but the new shop just across our appartment has had a bad effect on me and my wallet.
The shoes I longed for aren't available in Antwerp, nor Brussels. That was the best excuse to buy them (correct: get them as my Easter present). I've only had seen them in a magazine so far.
So here we are ; looking at my tan leather stilettos with adjustable strap (red or tan) ... my inner Carry Bradshaw is coming out. Maybe the scarf addiction wasn't that bad after all compared to this addiction.