Friday, 17 April 2009

Simple plan

What I did today :

*finally joined Twitter
*made somebody happy in sending a present (pretty soon)
*bought some high heeled wedges today
*cried because my househelp broke my rare Artemide blue glass lampshade today ....
*made a new Brazilian friend, Luciana (and she works in a sushi restaurant...:-)
*talked to my BFF Hilary for more than an hour in my shop (how is this possible we keep on talking even tough we mail and chat almost daily)
*got a bright green pair of slacks for little Sebastian today
*still thinking what to eat this evening
*sat next to my shrink (that I haven't seen for 4 years) when I ordered myself a drink this evening and it was strange cause this guy knows way to much about me and now I've seen him in an odd but also normal situation, I was like ...WTF was I thinking ...?
*finally found the grey nailpolish I was looking for for so long
*paid my taxes :-//
*All day long I had this song (WTF) in my head ....(don't ask)
Anybody did better ?
Shoot !


Girl Interrupted said...

I love those wedges!!!

Sounds like a pretty good day on the whole :)

Seriously considering the Twitter thing :P

Nina (femme rationale) said...

aw, i'm sorry about your lamp shade. i almost cried when mine broke an old french soup bowl from the 1800's.

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Dominica! Wat een leuke foto. :)
Great, that you joined twitter. I am still pondering about it, to do or not to do! Tell me if you like it :)

Dominica said...


I like it and even more than Facebook...
FB has become to much fuss, a bit boring too and you miss a lot if you don't check it daily...Twitter is microblogging and as we are fierce bloggers, that wouldn't be too much of a problem, no ?
Maybe we should join all together ...sounds like fun !

Anonymous said...

Haha sounds you had an exciting day! I really need money to buy those kind of wedges. I think your day is more exciting that mine could be: Editing clothes and writing essays all day. I really need to get off of the computer, its so hard!
YES we're followers on twitter! so much easier than fbook..

Dominica said...


I've noticed !
So much more fun and faster !
Gonna update my other blog now !!

C ya !
D. X