Friday, 30 October 2009

My extra blog for new project

I made me an extra blog this week, only to see how my '5 year plan' is working out...
I won't be adding that much posts (or maybe I will, who knows) ; it's just a diary I made for myself and the ones interested to follow (up).
The name of the blog is based on that wonderful fabric 'toile de Jouy' but I delicately changed it for my label.
It's been in my head for over 2 years and now I want to see some action. The timing isn't perfect yet to start a new label but hey, I'm in no rush and have plenty of time to figure everything out !
I might ask you guys to add some constructive criticism ; be honest and tell me what you feel !
I could even ask to play model (if you're a 3 year old at least...) and try my try-outs on ...
I guess Diane has given me already a very good model for the time to come ...:-)
I leave you guys with some pics of my activities this week ; the hat is my fav so far !

Monday, 26 October 2009

This came in the post today

Finally Barnes & Noble delivered my long awaited books today !
Don't you just love cut outs ?
As a child I was extremely fascinated by cut out books and prints ...

Went over to buy some extra fabric today at Julija's shop near my house ...apparently, the girl and her mum do not only have a shop but a blog too !
Last week they were filmed by our local tv-station ATV and it will air this following weekend !
So another 15 seconds of fame (also for me) cause I was just in their shop when they were filming ... :-)

creations ...

Some of my latest .....

Deep purple hat ....

My Paris je t'aime skirt I made and finished last Sunday ...(click on pic to see the Eiffeltower(s))

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Ready for Winter girls ?

Don't know about you but next weekend our clocks will be turned over to wintertime...he he...
Time to get warm and cosy !

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Cause knit happens....

I am so thrilled ! 
Not because I finally will see Lily Allen tomorrow in concert here in Antwerp (well, that too) but due to the fact I was going to my break-fast-club this morning and I took 1 of the girls magazines and I read all about this great initiative !!
It just so happens I am in a very creative mood and I'm selling my treasures well so why not make a special 1 for this occasion.
You just need to knit a scarf and donate it to this organisation (the pink house = het roze huis) and they will sell all these goodies to everyone interested and the money will be donated to the Care-about-Aids foundation...
I will gladly keep you informed on how this little 1-woman-project will turn out (have already a great idea in what to make !!)
So anyone interested in making a scarf too (wherever you are), make sure it's here in Belgium mid-November and I'll will be glad to bring your work along for the event !
Care about people cause 'knit can happen'...

Sunday, 18 October 2009

That's why I love Fall ... let these pictures speak for themselves

Hubby took me for my long promised Fall walk ... perfect timing, sun was out, colours amazing and we saw 2 rabbits (yay!) and loads of toadstools (my favs)...
Enjoy !

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Who doesn't love Karen Walker ?

For me, Karen of Will & Grace is the female equivalent of Dr House.
She is very cynical and direct, but somehow I love it when people are like this (maybe slightly a bit more refined would do nicely in real life...). What's your fav quote of Ms Walker ?

Friday, 16 October 2009

Knit happens !

Just wan't to let you guys know, I'm still knitting my life (and stress) away !
Seems my body was reacting to my inner grinding in my brain and resulted in a very painfull chest (equals reflux)...
I did have a 'body search' 2 years ago for something completely different but also stress related and when the results came back it seemed I had a mal-functioning stomach flap wich made my gastric juices float back into my larynx...
I never had problems with that ; never complained about it too until now !
It has hit me HARD !
That's why I'm knitting the hell out of me !
Now, as a testcase, I've been selling some in my shop and I must say I'm happy as a child when such a piece of 'art' is sold ...silly me, I know !
Oh well, maybe someday some collection will come out of it ; that's my plan.
I still need to figure out where I would find a wholesale/knitting factory were they would make your designs.... at a reasonable price.
Any suggestions ?
If someone has an idea who I could contact to make a sample ..
Thanks ever so much !

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Wouters & Hendrix

Wouters & Hendrix are 2 women that have been working together as a team for the last 25 years. To celebrate their collaborationship, they've designed a limited edition jewel that's available and to be seen in their shop from Saturday, October 17th....

Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Michael Zager Band - Let's All Chant (ROCKAMERICA) - The best home videos are here

That's why I never will f*** George Clooney !

Remember season 3, episode 32 of the original SATC series ?
Well I sure do !
It's the one were Carrie has a romance with politician Bill and when they are a few weeks into their relationship, Bill asks her to pee on him !
Hilarious when she suggested to sprinkle cold tea on him instead of her pee-ing...
A couple of weeks ago my BFF and I were talking about who is a perfect looking man in tinseltown. If I remember correct, hers was the new James Bond, Danie Graig (not a bad choice) and mine was, very predictable, George Clooney (he's so talented, and sexy, and generous...and he owns a house in ITALY = perfect man = what else).
The conversation led into having sex with this man ; I said, in a very 'sure & certain' way, oh no .. no sex, never, suppose he farts, wich he sure will and he makes the most horrible noises in the bathroom when brushing his teeth, my dream(man) will be shattered !!!
Can't have that, can we ?
Obviously, he will be very human and who knows even gentle and sweet but knowing that he's George Clooney and he can have any woman in the world (well, almost) makes me shaky and I know any orgasm will be running off to a land called oblivion.
Now, the reason I'm telling you guys this is, there is ALWAYS an 'I've told you so' story behind it !
I have a girlfriend, Lisa, who lives in Switserland. I don't see her that often but when she's in Belgium, we always meet and have our 'catch up' lunches or coffee-breaks.
We were in this lovely place in the Schuttershofstraat in Antwerp, can't remember the name actually but they serve the best panini's and salads ever !
Have to write a post about that place too someday, but I'm drifting !
I was frothing my milk in my cappu when she suddenly and very out of the blue told me she had a fling, well more of a 1 night stand with the most handsome guy of her town. The area were she lives is near Geneva and crowded with beautiful people. I immediately knew who she had the fling with !
She told me about six months ago about this guy and like any girl, this is recorded onto the hard disc in my brain.
At that time, she told me he was very handsome,tall, broad-shouldered and had intriguing dark eyes...(for me a George Clooney look-a-like cause I never saw the guy before but a woman's fantasy works in mysterious ways).
The one word that kept whirling in my mind, was that he still was SINGLE.
Suspicious no ? Why would such a handsome guy still be single, let alone never be married (ever) ?
I am a very suspicious nature concerning people in general ; if my tummy says mmmmm, and I can't just be naturally happy for her, 9 times out of 10, cliché will follow.
To make a long story short, they had sex.
He seemed to have a feet-fetish (still ok with that, I'm just a bit tickle-ish around my feet) - he sucked every toe, all 10 of them !
He went down on her (until now, we like the guy, he thinks about a woman's pleasure before his) but then apparently tonguetrusted himself to her butt, the holy grail and I couldn't stop laughing (obviously, she never experienced something like this before, well, not on a 1st date anyway)
I can understand why she was shocked, cause when you know your guy is into these things, you can at least 'prepare' in giving him the pleasure of a fresh, trimmed and hairfree 'strip' between the butt-cheeks.
What's the fuss all about, I hear you guys thinking (trust me, I'm with you guys) but the best was yet to come !
He then asked her not to pee but to poo on her !
VERY difficult ....first of all, practically, WHERE do you sh*t ?
Can someone even take a dump on demand ?
I know I can't expect before 9AM and after my 2 morning coffees !
Would he have fixed her drink with some sort GHB-laxative ?
I think it really was a 1 night stand for her at that point. Can understand the poor girl !
See, never ever have sex with someone you adore too much ! Or is too handsome to be true or is both AND single !! There's always a snag !
Any Carrie/Lisa* stories to share w/ the blogworld ? Come on, get it out of your system !

*the names and places have been changed to protect the innocent ...

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Latest finds...

Always much more fun finding oldskool gadgets like these than the latest it-bag !

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Currently in Momu

Exhibition of 180 years of the house of Delvaux...been there an it's wonderful to see how those bags from the 50-ies, 60-ies and 70-ies are so up-to-date !

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Sometimes I wish I was a guy ...

cause they have the best choice in clothing !
Do you recognize this icon on hubby's sweater ?
I'm thinking of stealing it ...:-D -- it's the softest fabric I've ever felt on my body !

Have a Sunny Sunday !

Just to say hello and wishing you guys all a very happy and sunny Sunday !
Click on the link and I'll bet you girls all will sing along (and shake those hips from time to time) This is one of my fav scenes ever from a musical ! I saw it once live here in Antwerp (thank you Nico for those free tickets you gave me back then) and Simone Kleinsma (our Dutch fellow bloggers will sure know her) was brilliant !

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Project knitwear

My next project is the making of this hat !
I once had to knit one when I was 12 for a schoolproject... We all would go for a ski-trip to Switserland and we all had to knit the same lightblue hat with a HUGE pompom on top !
You need 4 needles and I just couldn't remember how to start the knitwear. I went over to a shop nearby ; the lady sells wool and she helped me out.
The easier way to knit a hat and to avoid working those 4 needles is the thing you see in the picture. It looks like 2 little needles, connected together with some sort of wire.
It makes you see from the early start how the hat is going to look like...
Note : when we were in Switserland on our schooltrip, this guy from another school and same hat with pompom (other colour though) cut of his pompom to give it to me as a token of his love for me ...sweet no ?
Which of you guys can honestly say he/she got a pompom from an admirerer ?
Have a better story ; SHARE !