Monday, 31 August 2009


Since the beginning of the credit crunch (crisis),  sales of blonde hair coloring products have increased by 67%...

40% of all women find shopping more pleasurable than sex (how about that !)

Expensive clothing of good quality is worn 4 times more than low priced items...

60% of all purchased bikini's are never worn ...

3 out of 4 women get an 'in love' feeling when they find the ideal pair of shoes !

If you walk on stilletto heels, you will burn about 312 calories per hour. On ballerina flats you'll burn 240 ; Uggs boots 264 !

The Tribute Patchwork bag by Louis Vuitton (2007) is the most expensive handbag ever ! It costs 35.000€ (+/- 25.500$) and there are only 24 available worldwide 

27% of all men tell their wife/girlfriend she looks good in anything she's wearing or trying on. Why ? To avoid spending even more longer valuable time waiting next to the fitting room...

Women spend an average 106€ per month on shoes and clothing (+/- 76$)...

Too expensive, too bizar, unpractical. 75% of all women find catwalk fashion unwearable..

Sunday, 30 August 2009

What we can learn from oldskool Rolling Stones' ladies

Don't know how I came to this idea, but when you look at these oldskool pictures, only 1 word get's to my mind: STYLE !!!
For instant inspiration on what and how to wear now, just take a look at these pictures !
3 former Rolling Stones girls, and I must say, the guys have a good eye in picking the right ladies !
That's why they are still rockin' and on todays music scene !
I especially love this first picture of Anita Pallenberg ; she holds on to a French comic version of Kuifje or TinTin ... (Het Zwarte Eiland or The Black Isle)..
TinTin was my favourite comicbook-hero and I've never read any other ..I still have all my original comics and when India started to read, the first 'books' she began to read at home, where the TinTin ones (me very proud)...

Was thinking about lettin' grow my bangs but when I see Marianne and Anita here, I might have second thoughts !

Wow, I really love this style Marianne Faithfull is displaying ! The coat is a classic (caban), the frilly blouse (got something like that still lying around from the early 80-ies, the Diana-era) and the huge sunglasses, we all got a pair like that, don't we ?

Got the shoes (check), got similar demure dress (check), don't know about those knee-lenght socks though ...

Beautywise, Bianca Jagger has to be my favourite girl ; that exotic look is the best fashion accessory to have ! And seems like their daughter Jade has inherited mum's good looks !

Saturday, 29 August 2009

cats & dogs in Italy

Stylish dog...

Lazy dog ...
Pompei dog...
Dog looks like a cat ...

Kid's day out !

We were at our coast for a midweek holiday and the weather is slowly decreasing...So instead of hittin' the beach or pool, we went to Plopsaland ! I swore years ago to never take my kids to this commercial children's house of ill fame, but here we are ... and my youngest is enjoying it VERY much !
The thing is that anything you do down here costs a fortune and the food is VERY bad !
VERY bad !
But I put myself aside and let the kids enjoy their day ... (mind you, after that 2 hour ride on the coast-tram, my butt hurted so much I was glad just to stroll down the park...)

Friday, 28 August 2009

Men's fashion faux pas

After reading The Peach Tart's fabulous blog this morning I got an instant inspirational moment and thought,  hell yeah, let's write something about some 'faux pas' especially for men !
Let's take a look at the picture above shall we ? 
Aah, footballshirts ! For years popular among hooligans and beer-bellies : no, we don't get horny seeing you wearing this, except if you're DB himself !

What are the chances of him gettin' laid ? I think I just prefer a beer, cheers, thanks a lot !

Keep your shirts buttoned up if your body hair makes us think about that movie : Planet of the Apes !

Even if you look like your idol, why dress like him ?! Don't forget the poor fellow died like 3 decades ago ! I know flaired jeans and Ray-Bans got back into fashion but believe me when I say, no woman would wanna date any guy looking like Elvis !!

A very important NO NO are white sock under a suit !!
Why ruin your style completely by wearing tennis-socks under that D&G suit ! He-LL-OOOO !

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

What to wear for F/W 2009

Don't you just love the new season ? I just can't believe in a few months time we'll be sitting in that same busstop with our wintercoats and scarfs, our toes tapping the ground cause it's bitter cold ?
I already had a sneak preview in what the next fashion season would bring before we went on holiday and last year when I ordered my kids collection, it was already obvious to me colours would be rich, dark and layered on top of each other...
I must admit, I already bought a pair of high heeled grey leather boots in July !!
I'm difficult with boots ; my calfs are quite muscular and I don't fit in any boot I like.
So when a pair fits right away ; me so happy and I treat myself to a new pair each season.
Pretty soon 'style du jour' blogposts will hit you in the face and the boots will pop up several times. They will be worth every penny !
Some people (or a LOT of people) hate Fall and Winter. 
I can be blue and down too from time to time ; but when the sun doesn't shine in Summer, that makes me more depressed than a grey sky in Winter. It's because you don't expect the sun to come out in the cold(er) time of the year. So when it does, I really enjoy my morning walk, looking at all these great colours Fall provides us with (trees, leafs). It's the most beautiful season of the year for me. Orange, browns and yellows are such warm tones ; the leafs falling and giving us this wonderfully coloured carpet on our streets ...
Note to myself : must take LOADS of Fall pictures once the season hits us !
I'm giving you a little impression of what fashion will look like in Autumn 2009.
Hey, don't brake the bank on spending too much money ; best tip I can give you = accessories !!
Nothing what a few scarfs, chains or belts can't do !
I've been knitting during this whole Summer season and still many balls of wool await my needles !
Hope you will find some inspiration to update your clothes and fashion sense !!
Note #2 to myself : have to do a blogpost about the newest shops in Antwerp !

Monday, 24 August 2009

Psst ..I've been tagged ! Yay !!

Thank you very much JFK Jean , for tagging me ! Very sweet !
Ok - let's get to work ...
What's your current obsession?
Right now that has to be Italy and also this urge to make people feel good and comfort them.
Some friends of mine are feeling very bitter but also very emotional and that hurts me a lot.
I'd like to take everyone of them under my wings but that's when I'm feeling so small at this point.
I'm only human and can't play with magic...I hope I let them feel a bit better when I write notes or cards to them and explain that I understand how they are feeling ; been there, seen it and experienced this all myself too ...

What is your horoscope and do you relate?
I'm a Pisces actually, March 20th, last day and the end of the Zodiac line. A friend of mine told me Aries are te most difficult people of all cause they are the first sign of the Zodiac. All other sign that follow Aries learn and have more experience so it seems. Pisces are the last sign and we are able to use our 5 senses to the fullest. I guess that is right. All of my senses work overtime...

What are you wearing today?
Right now, I'm wearing a kimono, darkblue with white flowers, a grey tanktop and white knickers .... I just got out of bed !

What's the last thing you bought?
A silk tunique/dress with flowers and if you look close little hidden peace-signs with the word LOVE written under it...:-)

What do you think about the last person who tagged you?
I see a stylish guy, with loads of humour and a man who knows his world.

What's for dinner?
My God ! I still am figuring out what to eat this morning !! If I don't have a crave, it's a last minute choice !

What's your favourite decade, fashion wise?
For me, right now but I also like the roaring 20-ies and the way women dressed in the 50-ies...they never had a bad hair-day !!

What are your must haves for Summer?
A trilby (hat), white or denim shorts, lots of white t shirts, ray-bans...oh yeah and multi coloured Pucci scarfs !

What would you be able to afford ?
To win Euromillions and then buy a very old house, restore it and decorate it : just for fun !

What's your favourite piece of clothing from your wardrobe?
fashion changes so fast these days that I'm going to say can always change a look or adapt it to today's fashion by adding a personal touch with a scarf, chain or belt.

What's your dream job?
photographer and a television job for a program called the Fashion Police !

What's your favourite magazine?

What do you consider a fashion faux pas ?
To not dress appropriate for any occasion and to dress like a 16 year old when you're 61 !

Describe your personal style?
Up to date, clin d'oeil kinda fashion and sometimes chic ...

Which is your favourite Beatle?
can I just say Paul McCartney gives me the creeps !!??
He feels like a fake and way more freaky than Michael Jackson ever was to me !

What are you most proud of?
That I didn't follow the rules because everyone did/does ...

Wow ! Am wide awake now !!
I guess I have to tag a few people now, right ?
So here they are :
and....(drum roll)

I really like to know them better !!
Don't you ?

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Can I 'clone' myself somewhere ? Anybody ?

Ooh baby, Aah baby, give it to me baby !!

Now let's hit the road and make sure that bubbly is waiting for me !

Me having my dessert last night ; a 'smoutebol' (like a sweet roll but round) made from the De Koninck beer and smout with white powdery sugar ... mmm

This morning's breakfast 'shove on'

It's hard being popular ! Hahahahhahaha...No just kidding, but yesterday, I had the feeling we had to be in several places at a time...
A few things happened when we were on holiday ; some things very sad and I assumed a birthday party that would have been a BIG party for one of our friends was cancelled. The loss of a dear family member, way too young to die, can be a real low and just a week after, not the appropriate time to have a bash.
But still, Friday I received a text message from my dear friend Virginie saying she would organise some intimate party and we were very welcome. And after I declined another party at first and offered to come anyway, I had to squeeze myself into 2 parties now ! Very difficult cause both parties could be fun and a good get together to see some people again after a long while and we both love the people we were invited too very much.
So.. I send hubby off to town yesterday to fetch those presents and I would come home immediately after work (busy day btw) and rush rush into my shower and get dressed. Now because of that free breakfast Antwerp is giving Sunday morning, we also needed to park our car outside to building to be able to have any car if we want to go out by car on Sunday ! I know, don't ask, but living in a city can create some extra work and tension, just when you don't need it ! So, left the shop at 5.15PM...left home dressed up to the nines at 6.05PM (don't say I'm high maintenance) and parked the car luckily quite close to were the first party was at.
I arranged for a taxi to pick us up at 7.20PM to be headed to party #2.
Anyways, my organising skills are still OK and everybody was happy.
I was sound asleep at 5AM this morning and am wide awake now being 9.48AM...
I leave you with a few pics and the people who went to sleep VERY early to get that free breakfast in front of my home...

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Bollekesfeesten or Party in the hood !

3 days long our neighbourhood will be filled with loads of people. The annual 'Bollekesfeesten'* take place just in front of us. Normally all food and drinks are to be seen near our cityhall but this year the city of Antwerp decided to do it here...
It already started yesterday night with a apéro-event and on Sunday morning 1500 people will get free breakfast ; more pics will surely follow !

*Bolleke is a nickname for a dark beer called : the Koninck. It is served in a glass that is quite round ; bolleke means little ball and the brewery is still here in Antwerp.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Food, love and saving a little prayer...

I don't know about you guys, but I still prefer real candles and not electric ones ...

Hilarious no ? Maria and all the saints in heaven ; as important as Ferrari !

Something old...

and something new.

Who doesn't want to get married in Italy, so romantic ...

Locks of love ...

Always travel in style ...