Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Spring kick off !

This is the final sign that Spring finally has hit our town !
When I came home from the job this evening, I saw - for the first time since last October - people sitting on the steps of our beautiful museum.
From now on, each afternoon, evening and night, the steps will be filled with the beautiful people that live or visit our city of Antwerp...Some even bring a bottle of wine, Bollie sweetie and some snacks ... This is our way of city picknicking .....

This is how I got started (this morning) - Not outside yet (look at the terrace) ; will be doing that pretty soon !


Diana said...


Alessandra said...

That is so cool! Here in the US, if you seat anywhere outside (that's not a restaurant) with a bottle of alcohol they will give you a fine...hahahaha

We are hoping the weather will warm up here soon, it's been chilli still. But looking better!

Beautiful pictures and yummy made me hungry! xoxoxo

diane said...

It's fabulous that people do that where you live. Every town should have an outdoor "meeting place", a place where people can talk and kids can play safely.
Nice looking meal, too. xo

PrincessImp. said... be in a beautiful foreign city right now...that looks yummy.

Monika Marie said...

Oh I would LOVE to spend the springtime on the steps of that beautiful museum!! How amazing!

Have I mentioned how much I adore the photo in your banner?? It's beautiful!!

Nina (femme rationale) said...

such a gorgeous building! and soft boiled eggs are my favorite for breakfast.