Thursday, 19 March 2009

Finally, Sissy-Boy in Antwerp

Remember the pics of those 2 young girls I posted a few days ago ?
Well, on that same street - Nationalestraat - an ancient building is being restored since a couple of years and finally it's getting to the point of being finalised.
This morning, walking by and headed for the post office (yes you guys, I'm also into snail-mail, call me nostalgic) I saw the building finally got new windows downstairs and there was a sign hanging wich said ; Sissy-Boy opening soon !
I'm so thrilled cause I love this basic Dutch brand, kinda Bellerose style but even more basic and on top - they also sell house stuff !
The only time I could visit the SB stores was when I visited Amsterdam or online ...
So, now I can stroll down a new store pretty soon and take advantage when they do some damn good sales ...


Jack Daniel said...

There were no sb stores in Belgium before??

Dominica said...


Apparently not !
I would have known, I mean, maybe in Brussels but I've never heard of them before down here and I've known the brand for so many years !
I just love it, really my style...

Shame on us but as you see, also here CHANGE can happen ;-))

diane said...

We don't have Sissy-Boy over here, darn.
I had to look twice at the guy in the photo, he's so pretty at first I thought he was a she. xo