Saturday, 28 March 2009

Vital Voices

Remember the pink card I got for my B-day to spend at Diane von Furstenberg a month ago ?
Well, I went down their store a week ago to see if I could fit a wrap dress but whatever size I tried, from a 4 till a 10, my boobs kept falling out like rabbits jumping over a fence...
So, no wrap dress for Dominica but I did mix pleasures with a good cause.
The comic book totes she sells benefit Vital Choices (click on title for more info), an organization dedicated to improving the lives of women worldwide.
DVF wants to empower women by bringing out the wonder woman in all of us with this limited edition tote bag featuring graphics from DVF's comic book.

So, they still had 2 pieces in the Brussels store and this nice shoplady reserved it just for me and last Monday, I went over to fetch it.
OMG, this is a HUGE bag - more for Summer and even better the beach...but I will at least travel in style down the pool and make a difference in explaining what the bag stands for when people will stop me and ask ; where did you get THAT bag !!??
If I can help at least 1 woman, then everything's not lost...
So, let's call the upcoming week the WOW-week (women empowering women) and show the world our girl-power ...

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diane said...

That's a great bag, for a great cause. I bet your daughter loves it.
"like rabbits jumping over a fence", I just knew if you started reading Vic's page it wouldn't be long before you were burning your bra. Luv ya babe, mwaaaah! xo

P.s. - Thank you for your story about your daughter. It's funny how little we know about each other, and then we begin to realize how fragile and precious all of our lives really are.