Monday, 16 March 2009

Bad hairday ?

But not today ! Just wanted to share an hilarious moment with you guys ... don't I look like an alien :-)
I've been 'pampering' myself lately cause these are my last days as a 30-something (NOT !)
No, just kidding - I'm turning 39 next Friday and I feel quite good about myself but I fear the moment turning 40 ! I just can't believe I'm headed for this milestone in my life pretty soon.
I'm glad to be healthy and full of energy (the rest you can buy is the most precious gift in a human being's life) but there's a little voice in my head that keeps on saying : no, you must be wrong, the date of birth on my ID-card can never be 1970 ! Impossible...I'm way to 'schattig' (haha) to be at this age already !
I guess it's just in my head but still - it's like turning 30, times ten !
At least for me it is !
I'm at this stage my daughter is losing her 'baby fat' and turning into what I used to look like...
Strange, it's like looking in a mirror and you see yourself again as a young teenager.
I don't want to whine about it but it's just HUGE for me ... that's all (hope someone understands the crap I'm talking about here ...)


diane said...

You look like a kid under that hair dryer. Don't sweat it, you're still young. xo

Diana said...

You are 39?? From the photos I've seen, you look like you are in your early 20's!!!

Dominica said...

Yes I am (Friday i'm turning 39 :-// )
So sweet to say I you thought I looked in my 20-ies - I wish !!

PrincessImp. said...

Happy birthday! Some people say that women are like fine wine, they get better and better with age. So, don't sweat it D, because this saying definitely applies to you!

P.S.My mum has a hairdryer like that as she's a hairdresser!