Sunday, 22 March 2009

Bed peace - Hair peace

40 years ago, John Lennon & Yoko Ono remained in their hotel bed, between the sheets....

In March 1969, during the last days of the Beatles, John Lennon and Yoko Ono gave face to images that were iconic before their time.
Their 'bed-in' in the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel, wasn't a coincidence ; Amsterdam was the capital of 'provo's and hippies'... Exactly 40 years after these magical pictures were taken, books and exhibitions arise everywhere...It's the ultimate paradox ; nostalgia for a youth that never ends ...

Some great tips when you visit Amsterdam and search for traces of provo and hippie :
Hilton Hotel, Apollolaan : the hotel where John & Yoko held their bed-in and also the hotel where Herman Brood jumped to this death...(click on his name to hear his best song ever !)

Monument on the Dam :
Hippies 'happenden' around the Monument at nightfall and slept around it at night. They became famous als 'Damslapers' (Dam-sleapers)

Leidseplein :
Became Oranjevrijplein on May 11th, 1970 - the core of the imaginary Kabouterbeweging (Gnome movement) was founded here ; in 1970 the movement gained 5 seats in the municipal governement..

Singel 52 :
the very first location of the 'commune' in 1970.
Provo's were synonym for free love ; (quote :) we stand for the principal of total amoral promiscuity

Central Station :
The central hall was the battlefield in 1967 between longhaired youngsters and hundreds of marines and sailors.


Jack Daniel said...

I didn't knew all these facts. :) Haha.
But, I'm not a born and raised Amsterdam citizen. :P

To answer your question on my blog: Hm, it gave me a tiny, tiny rush when I was taking sneaky pictures of Avedon's work. But...I'm used being sneaky. So, for me it's normal. Almost. :P

diane said...

Wow, that is really neat to read all of those facts. Thanks for the cool read. xo