Friday, 28 August 2009

Men's fashion faux pas

After reading The Peach Tart's fabulous blog this morning I got an instant inspirational moment and thought,  hell yeah, let's write something about some 'faux pas' especially for men !
Let's take a look at the picture above shall we ? 
Aah, footballshirts ! For years popular among hooligans and beer-bellies : no, we don't get horny seeing you wearing this, except if you're DB himself !

What are the chances of him gettin' laid ? I think I just prefer a beer, cheers, thanks a lot !

Keep your shirts buttoned up if your body hair makes us think about that movie : Planet of the Apes !

Even if you look like your idol, why dress like him ?! Don't forget the poor fellow died like 3 decades ago ! I know flaired jeans and Ray-Bans got back into fashion but believe me when I say, no woman would wanna date any guy looking like Elvis !!

A very important NO NO are white sock under a suit !!
Why ruin your style completely by wearing tennis-socks under that D&G suit ! He-LL-OOOO !


The Peach Tart said...

Thanks for the shout out about the post. Good followup here. The guy with the hairy chest scares me.

Jack Daniel said...

Letterman always seems to wear white socks....

And the hairy dude really needs to get a full body brazilian wax!!

diane said...

People in England seem to migrate to castles the way people in the States migrate to shopping malls. Weird.

I bet Hairy-man goes through a lot of shampoo.

David Letterman will do anything for a laugh. Too bad he's not funny.

Gladys Lopez said...

that hairy man is sooo creppy.
this is such a silly/fun post. :D

Rita said...

Hehe, I don't mind the football jerseys if they're on young, fit guys who play football themselves :)

And Letterman, hahaha, just this week, Anna Wintour was on his show and she commented on his socks repeatedly :D

Girl Interrupted said...

Well I hope that t-shirt got guy #2 a good beating, what an ignorant scumbag! And YIKES at hairy guy!!!

Letterman's stuck in the 80's ... but I thought Oprah looked lovely.

JFK Jean said...

I love this post! I also love when women give their takes on male style b/c we want to know how you ladies feel about certain trends or looks that go on nowadays. Letterman will just not drop those white socks....and hoe does it night. After night. After night.

mens jewellery said...

Yeah that guys with hairy chest yucccckkssss.. what is that lolz..
is that a fashion huh. Awful..

Anonymous said...

Usually some manly chest hair is nice, but,was this guy photo-shopped?
That shoulder hair and back hair that shows from the front has to go,then trim the chest then you won't need to comb out the