Saturday, 22 August 2009

Bollekesfeesten or Party in the hood !

3 days long our neighbourhood will be filled with loads of people. The annual 'Bollekesfeesten'* take place just in front of us. Normally all food and drinks are to be seen near our cityhall but this year the city of Antwerp decided to do it here...
It already started yesterday night with a apéro-event and on Sunday morning 1500 people will get free breakfast ; more pics will surely follow !

*Bolleke is a nickname for a dark beer called : the Koninck. It is served in a glass that is quite round ; bolleke means little ball and the brewery is still here in Antwerp.


diane said...

Wow, a beer festival! So does that mean you'll have really obnoxious drunk tourists puking in your door way?
Your flickering mug shot almost sent me into an epileptic fit, btw.
Have a great week end. xo d

Mr. Condescending said...

I don't like beer much but I would go there dominica!

Anonymous said...

@Diane & Mr C
It's sponsored by the Koninck beer but it's also tasting foods and tomorrow free breakfast for 1500 people...I'm waiting for that first van to arrive so I can fetch my warm sweet rolls first ! LOL