Wednesday, 26 August 2009

What to wear for F/W 2009

Don't you just love the new season ? I just can't believe in a few months time we'll be sitting in that same busstop with our wintercoats and scarfs, our toes tapping the ground cause it's bitter cold ?
I already had a sneak preview in what the next fashion season would bring before we went on holiday and last year when I ordered my kids collection, it was already obvious to me colours would be rich, dark and layered on top of each other...
I must admit, I already bought a pair of high heeled grey leather boots in July !!
I'm difficult with boots ; my calfs are quite muscular and I don't fit in any boot I like.
So when a pair fits right away ; me so happy and I treat myself to a new pair each season.
Pretty soon 'style du jour' blogposts will hit you in the face and the boots will pop up several times. They will be worth every penny !
Some people (or a LOT of people) hate Fall and Winter. 
I can be blue and down too from time to time ; but when the sun doesn't shine in Summer, that makes me more depressed than a grey sky in Winter. It's because you don't expect the sun to come out in the cold(er) time of the year. So when it does, I really enjoy my morning walk, looking at all these great colours Fall provides us with (trees, leafs). It's the most beautiful season of the year for me. Orange, browns and yellows are such warm tones ; the leafs falling and giving us this wonderfully coloured carpet on our streets ...
Note to myself : must take LOADS of Fall pictures once the season hits us !
I'm giving you a little impression of what fashion will look like in Autumn 2009.
Hey, don't brake the bank on spending too much money ; best tip I can give you = accessories !!
Nothing what a few scarfs, chains or belts can't do !
I've been knitting during this whole Summer season and still many balls of wool await my needles !
Hope you will find some inspiration to update your clothes and fashion sense !!
Note #2 to myself : have to do a blogpost about the newest shops in Antwerp !


Helga said...

i like that fashion now is so eclectic! agree about the fall )

thanks for your tips! :)

diane said...

I love the look of the dresses in the first photo. They are so hippie-chic.
I bought a pair of boots this summer too! I can hardly wait to wear them.

Girl Interrupted said...

I love Autumn too, everything about it stirs me :)

I really, really love the third outfit in the first picture, I could totally see myself wearing that.

The weather here today is chilly and overcast, there's a definite hint of Autumn in the air ... I can't wait!

Dominica said...

with pleasure

see, we are so alike !! I do like the "hippie chic boho style" too ; it's like you throw everything together and wonderful surprises come out when you wear them !

@Girl I.
to stir ! great way of expression yourself !
Let me take a look at that 3rd outfit and picture you with that !

chloe said...

hmm, I cannot wait for fall & winter, and the clothes that come with it! cannot wait to see the boots. :)

Taylor S. said...

thank you so much! I appreciate you tagging me. And im very sorry i was so behind on my blogging, i just got on today and made a new post with your answers!
xoxo taylor

Dominica said...

pretty soon loads of fashion blogs will be posted !

Can't wait to read your answers !!