Sunday, 23 August 2009

Can I 'clone' myself somewhere ? Anybody ?

Ooh baby, Aah baby, give it to me baby !!

Now let's hit the road and make sure that bubbly is waiting for me !

Me having my dessert last night ; a 'smoutebol' (like a sweet roll but round) made from the De Koninck beer and smout with white powdery sugar ... mmm

This morning's breakfast 'shove on'

It's hard being popular ! Hahahahhahaha...No just kidding, but yesterday, I had the feeling we had to be in several places at a time...
A few things happened when we were on holiday ; some things very sad and I assumed a birthday party that would have been a BIG party for one of our friends was cancelled. The loss of a dear family member, way too young to die, can be a real low and just a week after, not the appropriate time to have a bash.
But still, Friday I received a text message from my dear friend Virginie saying she would organise some intimate party and we were very welcome. And after I declined another party at first and offered to come anyway, I had to squeeze myself into 2 parties now ! Very difficult cause both parties could be fun and a good get together to see some people again after a long while and we both love the people we were invited too very much.
So.. I send hubby off to town yesterday to fetch those presents and I would come home immediately after work (busy day btw) and rush rush into my shower and get dressed. Now because of that free breakfast Antwerp is giving Sunday morning, we also needed to park our car outside to building to be able to have any car if we want to go out by car on Sunday ! I know, don't ask, but living in a city can create some extra work and tension, just when you don't need it ! So, left the shop at 5.15PM...left home dressed up to the nines at 6.05PM (don't say I'm high maintenance) and parked the car luckily quite close to were the first party was at.
I arranged for a taxi to pick us up at 7.20PM to be headed to party #2.
Anyways, my organising skills are still OK and everybody was happy.
I was sound asleep at 5AM this morning and am wide awake now being 9.48AM...
I leave you with a few pics and the people who went to sleep VERY early to get that free breakfast in front of my home...


Dedene said...

Giving out free breakfasts was a pretty cool idea! Hope you had a great time at the 2 parties.

Kevin said...

U Rock chick! 2 parties at one time! Celebrity style!!!!

diane said...

Domi, you look great! So young & healthy. No wonder you have the energy to do all of that organizing.
I love the "shove on" shots. :)
I'm sorry to hear of your friend's loss. It's a sad part of living, losing people you are close to.
Can we see a pic of you in your party dress, pretty please?

diane said...

Oh yeah...almost forgot to mention your hair. Wow, it grows so fast! I can't believe how much longer it is. xo

JFK Jean said...

Dominica my dear, I have tagged you, hopefully it makes up for my lack of comments (which will come very, very shortly hehe). Those pics looks great by the way!

Dominica said...

I'll try to post one of that dress in 'full' ...
I know , when I compare to pics of December, it has grown a long way baby !! In Summer hair grows faster (that's what my hairdresser says)

@JFK Jean
thanks for tagging me but I'm not able to open up your account when I click on your name or picture (cry, sob sob)