Saturday, 29 August 2009

Kid's day out !

We were at our coast for a midweek holiday and the weather is slowly decreasing...So instead of hittin' the beach or pool, we went to Plopsaland ! I swore years ago to never take my kids to this commercial children's house of ill fame, but here we are ... and my youngest is enjoying it VERY much !
The thing is that anything you do down here costs a fortune and the food is VERY bad !
VERY bad !
But I put myself aside and let the kids enjoy their day ... (mind you, after that 2 hour ride on the coast-tram, my butt hurted so much I was glad just to stroll down the park...)


Jack Daniel said...

Haha. Never heard of Plopsaland. Is it really expensive to have fun in this themepark?
I've never been a fan of these parks...
Cool kids. Your daughter looks like you and I bet your son looks exactly like your husband. :P

Alessandra said...

First of all...LOVE the new picture on your blog!

About your "adventure", they look so happy, at least my little angel Sebastian does and India is such a stylish girl.

Here is raining non-stop, but still hot.

Have a great weekend! xoxo

diane said...

Looks to me like you're doing a bit of "fall" cleaning. First, the new header, which is one of the best photos of you I have ever seen. Second, throwing out an old judgment so that you could let the kids have a day of fun. What's next? If you start cleaning out your wardrobe, let me know. xo d

Dominica said...

already did the closet !!
Mine and the kids too ...the clothes are waiting to be headed off to the charity shop ..
NO scarfs ..that's something I still have to overcome...
as for the new header-picture : was taken randomly but turned out pretty good !

Thank you sweetie !

@Jack D.
I'm not a fan either as I don't go on almost any attraction cause I get nausea...but India, you can turn her upside down any time of the day !