Saturday, 8 May 2010

Zadig & Voltaire

I've always been a great fan of Zadig & Voltaire ... their style is casual chic, jeune Parisiènne meets GI Jane with some extra bling.
I'm a recycler and when I sell something in our local second hand store, I treat myself to something new. That's how I got the army blouse slash coat.
The fabric is heavy enough to be worn as a jacket and the compliments I got on this number have been awesome. The little details make the jacket feminine but also a little tomboy-ish.
The military style is hot now and luckily available in many stores ; I can step out of my black & navyblue numbers, stay basic and simple in my fabrics choice. Think Garance Doré ; she could be THE perfect Zadig & Voltaire girl.
Check out their online store ; I'm sure you will be seduced in buying that little MICK of IGGY tunisien (shirt) !

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JDB said...

'alloookes, die bottekess...