Thursday, 13 May 2010

Coats for trees

Walking back home the other day, I discovered this great initiative by people that live in that particular street in Antwerp. The trees are mostly used to display decorative elements ; practical and useful, they are often used as a support to help the birds find food in Winter.
Ornaments hang there, a treat to the eye, thinking about those poor creatures lacking of food and water. But this time it was the trees that got a decoration of their own. Cute wintercoats, knitted by some busy bee of the area. I couldn't resist and take some pics and share them with you.


Dedene said...

These are adorable! There must be a mad knitter nearby. You could make some wild shirts for the trees, for summer.

Dominica said...

haha so true ; I was thinking when this person - and I asume it' a woman - had the courage to sew the 'jackets' around those trees and would she have done it by sunset when there's less people to bother her or make a(ny) comments ...