Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Let me introduce you to a friend ...

Mo !
He has a lovely place near my house and the biggest advantage is that, on my way home after work, his business has a little outdoors space in the evening sunshine.
When, just like myself, you are sat indoors all day long, you really need to boost your vitamine K.
Mo has Morrocan origins and that's just great ! He makes THE most wonderful mint tea someone has ever made. Although Mo is a pastry maker, his tea is really good ! I think it's in Morrocan genes to create this perfect 'potion' that's so sweet it feels like a little angel pees on your tongue...:-)


Anonymous said...

Looks great! I love Moroccan pastries. See you there.

Dutch donut girl said...

I like Moroccan mint tea and that's saying a lot, because I really don't like tea. I'm a coffee gal :)

Yum, pastries.

Girl Interrupted said...

Angel pee, huh? lol But does it go well with peanut butter? Which, as everyone knows, is angel poo :P