Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Hot town, summer's in the city

Am in love with this Vespa ; it was parked before our door ...don't you just love the mix of beige and old Vespa blue ?

Been doin' some creative stuff behind the scenes ...(it's too damn hot to knit now...) Been making these chains ... they look awesome on the new collection clothes ...I will post some Winter collection pics after the Summer ...

This pic wasn't a good one but in the end it gave a 'look how warm it is' kinda feelin' so I just kept it and posted it...the long cat is my youngest of the siblings, Jelly Beans.

People are living more outside now, living in the city often doesn't provide a garden for everyone...so people transform popular spots into their backyard ...

It's been warm, smokin' hot warm..but hey, I'm not complaining...
I've decided to go to the sea for a day or 3 but the shop still is prior.
Sales have just begun and people are in for discounts ... that's fine ; it's the end of the season and I'm already looking forward to the new collection. This weekend I will go to Amsterdam to visit the Kids Fair, Kleine Fabriek and this will give me a good impression on what next years Summer collection will look like.
I'm leaving you tonight with some Summer pics...hope it will give an impression on how warm it is right now !

Saturday, 27 June 2009

What a week !

The Kammenstraat was the Holebi street of the week ! Every shop made some window display to reffer to the fact you always have to be proud ; gay, straight or bisexual ...

Uh Oh, that look again ! Is she going to attack me darlin' ?

The colours of the dishes tell if the pintxos are veggie, fish or meat...

You see the pintxos passing by, just like in a sushi parlor...

Some tiny strong coffee with a '43 liqueur surprise' in it ...

What a week it has been, no ?
The world stood still for a split second...In Belgium, we were saddened by the death of a wonderful, beautiful and talented young woman...
Her heart was broken and she couldn't cope with life anymore...Everyone saw she wasn't doing well but even her closest of friends didn't see this coming.
RIP Yasmine, you will be missed intensely.
Then the news came Farrah Fawcett lost her battle with cancer. I loved you so much Farrah when I was just a little girl. Charlie's Angels were my superhero girls ; I had the 3 dolls and Farrah was my favorite one ! I see myself wearing a pin button with the Angels on it in many pictures when I was about 8 ; talking about a real little fan back then !
When I came home late night on Thursday after India's prom-night, I wanted to watch a little telly and some news and then 'thunderstruck' ; breaking news ! Michael Jackson had been rushed off to hospital but it pretty soon became clear this wasn't a star with an attitude for some extra attention (we have Perez Hilton for some shitty drama, don't we ?) ; this was serious !
Another teenage icon of mine died...
Reality check ; it hit me again that we are all just tiny little stars and no one is immortal in this life.
Michael Jackson leaves us a legacy of some damn' good and fine music ! And don't you just love watching those old videoclips ?
To end off this somewhat 'special' week (I had a strange feeling the whole Friday, it was like life would never be the same..like we stepped in another era or something...) we didn't dine out at our local Brasserie, but went to ComoComo to have some Bask Pintxos (tapas) at the Kammenstraat..
A little and once very hip street were Laundry Day took off in the beginning years ...
Laundry Day is always due in the beginning of September and has moved already to other locations because of the ten thousands of visitors every year...If you look at the pic of the Kammenstraat, you can imagine this is too small to hold 25.000 to 30.000 people at the same time...

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Twitpic ...

Hubby said to me in a severe and then pouty look yesterday, I wasn't bloggin' so much lately...!!
I was like - WTF ? - me not bloggin' ??
But then I realised I share my blog-love with my lover called Twitter !
I really REALLY love twitterin'...it's fast, only short messages - good for a thirtysomething girl that fails to remember EVERYTHING she sees on a day and the best part is, I can send pics anytime, anywhere via my personal twitpic-email-address directly into the world !
A picture explains more than a 1000 words !
So, I took the time to write this post and ..on top, browsed through my recent twitpics and saved some and posted them here !
Enjoy !
PS when I'm away on my holiday, you can (and MUST) follow my adventures via Twitter, because I won't be taking my laptop with me and worst case scenario = I won't be able to find a computer ...

I wasn't punished here ; just showing my newly dyed roots

After the fat and fries, I have to find a way to get rid off that belly...:-) ; in case you were wondering what this pic's all about !

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Smile !

I leave you guys for comments on this shot ! LOL

She could act in one of Michael Jackson's come-back vids !

I've seen James Brown - he's ALIVE !

Being arrested is most of the times NOT FUNNY or it must have been the day Geert Wilders got arrested at Heathrow airport en wasn't allowed to enter the UK.
The pictures being taken after the arrest are called 'mug shots' and they can be pretty hilarious sometimes. Check out this site ; MUGGN !
You can see thé funniest mug shots...a girl with a great 'wish you were here' t short, a guy that looks like a mix of Jabba the Hut and Mr Potato head !
For die-hard fan of this site : you can leave a comment with each picture !

PS check out Geert Wilders too ! :-)

Monday, 22 June 2009

Are people going crazy ??

It's pretty clear there's a crisis goin' on ! So, gotta make money out of something, don't you !!
Cry baby, CRY !
(and the sound of Garbage's Stupid Girl in the background)
You make mainstreamers look interesting and fun, compared to you !

What is it with you attention seeking 'I want my 15 minutes of fame and I'll sue your a**'....
Come on !
First that silly Kimerbly girl - I'm so ashamed your Belgian - stupid girl...Didn't she get through the pre-selection of some B-rated sing-a-song show and this is her only way of expressing her talent ?
Hope you realise what taking off tattoos feels like ! Burned flesh, that's for sure ! I once went together with another airhead to a doctor to get rid off some wonderful 'design' and I still smell the scent of burned flesh in my nostrils. She will get a run for her money !! She sure will !
Today another attention seeking 'lost his relatine pills' guy claimed Will.I.Am and his manager (of the Black Eyed Pees) punched him in the face and presented the Perez-guy a black (eyed peas) eye !
Come on ! You're such a cry baby ! Now I remember why I blocked you a few weeks ago on my Twit-account ! BORING !! Put on another record darlin' !! You sound like a naggin' old bat ! Miss Ivy Bean is 104 years old and 'times 1 000 000' more fun and interesting than YOU !
Give me Brüno ANYTIME ! LOVE it when people are REALLY funny and interesting !
Hope I find a Brüno Twitter account pretty soon !

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Bike(r)-chick !

This morning I went to a bike-shop near my house. I've spent the entire week checking out every bike-shop in my neighbourhood and was amazed by finding so many of them !
I saw bikes in all heights, colours, grandma-bikes, sporty bikes and most of them, EXPENSIVE bikes !
Now, the rule here was, don't overspend, cause my old darkgreen, recycle grandma bike dissapeared from our joined garage.
Somehow, it re-appeared again, tagged with a red label (WTF ?), a very heavy lock (ass*****) and 2 'crumbled' tires.
I touched them and they just fell apart !
Me so sad !
So I was thinking about a new bike for a long time and India needs one for school next Tuesday.
They are going on a group-outing somewhere, under police supervision !
The first shop I paid a visit was the bike-shop in the street where I work and he had an amazing piece of bike ; I fell in love (at first sight) with this bright red piece of art, complete with a ladybug - bell and basket for errands !
But I almost fainted when I read its pricetag !
I saw myself riding around, really really slow, with 7 huge locks to protect my baby !
No can do !
I don't wanna be paranoic over a bike and wonder when it will be stolen from us.
The last shop I had to visit and check out, was the closest to my home and open at 9AM.
Perfect timing, being a working mom who's own shop opens up at 10.
It was just 9.01AM when I stood in front of the shop ! No lights and I was already naggin' to hubby "why the hell do they hang out a sign that says = open from 9 till 18 ?" if the lights are not on yet !
Hubby has more brains than me (I'm a real blonde in fact, I'm the reason that got the stupid-blondes-jokes started) and he didn't pay any attention to me and my complaining ; he just opened the door !
Relief ! 
Apparently, they didn't switch on lights until it got dark - well, they sure are low-impact !
A guy that looked like a girl came over to ask if we needed any help. I said to him that I was checking out bikes cause I'm on a bike-hunt.
Explaining I didn't want a high version because I'm just 5'4" (and probably shrinking already) and my 12 year old had to be able to ride it too.
Now in case you are wondering why India doesn't have a bike of her own, let me explain...
She's the kind of kid, that likes EVERYTHING ! Trust me, she tried a lot of stuff ! Tennis (but didn't wanna go to tennis-camp cause she got homesick), drawing school (she was really good at it but got bored after 1 year), drama school (she was REALLY good at this, my little miss drama queen), skating (18 minutes to get them on for 4 minutes skating, don't ask) and I could go on for ever !
So, I'm testing her now and by getting me this bike, I can see if she's really the bicycle type or not. I told her already she can't drive - text and have her i-pod plugged in her ears all at once. Too dangerous in the city !!
If she keeps on cycling to school next semester and she's serious about this, I might consider her getting her own !
So, mom's got herself a new bike and they are pimpin' it as we speak !
Pics will follow !
Stay tuned !

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I always wondered how the did that ...

Click on the pictures just to have an idea of how big this building is ...Look how tiny they look !
They changed the program of the museum again ; I always wondered how they'd change those extra-large flyers....now I know ..
In a couple of months time they will close the museum for at least 2 years ; the interior and climat-regulation need to be re-installed and re-newed.
Meanwhile, you can still visit the masterpieces in other museums nearby...