Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Twitpic ...

Hubby said to me in a severe and then pouty look yesterday, I wasn't bloggin' so much lately...!!
I was like - WTF ? - me not bloggin' ??
But then I realised I share my blog-love with my lover called Twitter !
I really REALLY love twitterin''s fast, only short messages - good for a thirtysomething girl that fails to remember EVERYTHING she sees on a day and the best part is, I can send pics anytime, anywhere via my personal twitpic-email-address directly into the world !
A picture explains more than a 1000 words !
So, I took the time to write this post and ..on top, browsed through my recent twitpics and saved some and posted them here !
Enjoy !
PS when I'm away on my holiday, you can (and MUST) follow my adventures via Twitter, because I won't be taking my laptop with me and worst case scenario = I won't be able to find a computer ...

I wasn't punished here ; just showing my newly dyed roots

After the fat and fries, I have to find a way to get rid off that belly...:-) ; in case you were wondering what this pic's all about !


Dedene said...

Have a wonderful vacation. Your pics are great.

diane said...

I love the picture of you and India. Second best is the one in the blue hat. You are totally adorable.
Have a fun holiday.
I don't twitter.

Dominica said...

@Diane @Dedene
I'm not away yet darlings !!
Will let you know when !!

First hotel has a computer !

Vic said...

You have the most beautiful blue eyes!

I have Twitter, so I'm stalking you no matter what. :)

Dominica said...


haha - I rather have you stalking me than your 'gazin' ball neighbour' ..

That Girl Ang said...

Hey lady! Thanks for the continuous support!