Saturday, 20 June 2009

Bike(r)-chick !

This morning I went to a bike-shop near my house. I've spent the entire week checking out every bike-shop in my neighbourhood and was amazed by finding so many of them !
I saw bikes in all heights, colours, grandma-bikes, sporty bikes and most of them, EXPENSIVE bikes !
Now, the rule here was, don't overspend, cause my old darkgreen, recycle grandma bike dissapeared from our joined garage.
Somehow, it re-appeared again, tagged with a red label (WTF ?), a very heavy lock (ass*****) and 2 'crumbled' tires.
I touched them and they just fell apart !
Me so sad !
So I was thinking about a new bike for a long time and India needs one for school next Tuesday.
They are going on a group-outing somewhere, under police supervision !
The first shop I paid a visit was the bike-shop in the street where I work and he had an amazing piece of bike ; I fell in love (at first sight) with this bright red piece of art, complete with a ladybug - bell and basket for errands !
But I almost fainted when I read its pricetag !
I saw myself riding around, really really slow, with 7 huge locks to protect my baby !
No can do !
I don't wanna be paranoic over a bike and wonder when it will be stolen from us.
The last shop I had to visit and check out, was the closest to my home and open at 9AM.
Perfect timing, being a working mom who's own shop opens up at 10.
It was just 9.01AM when I stood in front of the shop ! No lights and I was already naggin' to hubby "why the hell do they hang out a sign that says = open from 9 till 18 ?" if the lights are not on yet !
Hubby has more brains than me (I'm a real blonde in fact, I'm the reason that got the stupid-blondes-jokes started) and he didn't pay any attention to me and my complaining ; he just opened the door !
Relief ! 
Apparently, they didn't switch on lights until it got dark - well, they sure are low-impact !
A guy that looked like a girl came over to ask if we needed any help. I said to him that I was checking out bikes cause I'm on a bike-hunt.
Explaining I didn't want a high version because I'm just 5'4" (and probably shrinking already) and my 12 year old had to be able to ride it too.
Now in case you are wondering why India doesn't have a bike of her own, let me explain...
She's the kind of kid, that likes EVERYTHING ! Trust me, she tried a lot of stuff ! Tennis (but didn't wanna go to tennis-camp cause she got homesick), drawing school (she was really good at it but got bored after 1 year), drama school (she was REALLY good at this, my little miss drama queen), skating (18 minutes to get them on for 4 minutes skating, don't ask) and I could go on for ever !
So, I'm testing her now and by getting me this bike, I can see if she's really the bicycle type or not. I told her already she can't drive - text and have her i-pod plugged in her ears all at once. Too dangerous in the city !!
If she keeps on cycling to school next semester and she's serious about this, I might consider her getting her own !
So, mom's got herself a new bike and they are pimpin' it as we speak !
Pics will follow !
Stay tuned !


diane said...

What a cool thing to do. Biking is such a healthy activity. I think you are really smart to do the "lets wait and see" thing with India. xo

Girl Interrupted said...

I seriously hope it's going to have a faux leopard skin seat cover!!! Haha :P

Ps: I joined Twitter at long last ... tried to use your "Follow Me" link, but it wouldn't work :(

Dominica said...

@Girl I.
Only VIP can follow me !!
LOL No darlin' seriously, I will try to follow you and then we hit it off !!
I'll try, had some similar problem in the beginning too ..
check your settings too !

Fancy Schmancy said...

Can't wait to see it!