Monday, 22 June 2009

Are people going crazy ??

It's pretty clear there's a crisis goin' on ! So, gotta make money out of something, don't you !!
Cry baby, CRY !
(and the sound of Garbage's Stupid Girl in the background)
You make mainstreamers look interesting and fun, compared to you !

What is it with you attention seeking 'I want my 15 minutes of fame and I'll sue your a**'....
Come on !
First that silly Kimerbly girl - I'm so ashamed your Belgian - stupid girl...Didn't she get through the pre-selection of some B-rated sing-a-song show and this is her only way of expressing her talent ?
Hope you realise what taking off tattoos feels like ! Burned flesh, that's for sure ! I once went together with another airhead to a doctor to get rid off some wonderful 'design' and I still smell the scent of burned flesh in my nostrils. She will get a run for her money !! She sure will !
Today another attention seeking 'lost his relatine pills' guy claimed Will.I.Am and his manager (of the Black Eyed Pees) punched him in the face and presented the Perez-guy a black (eyed peas) eye !
Come on ! You're such a cry baby ! Now I remember why I blocked you a few weeks ago on my Twit-account ! BORING !! Put on another record darlin' !! You sound like a naggin' old bat ! Miss Ivy Bean is 104 years old and 'times 1 000 000' more fun and interesting than YOU !
Give me Brüno ANYTIME ! LOVE it when people are REALLY funny and interesting !
Hope I find a Brüno Twitter account pretty soon !


Mcmaris said...

I saw that story on the news about the girl with all the tattoos on her face. She's suing the tattoo artist b/c she FELL ASLEEP WHILE GETTING THE TATTOO??????? and he gave her more than she asked for. OK!
People are going crazy....seriously crazy!

diane said...

I can just hear her conversation:
"Could you tattoo a little heart on my face?"
Tattoo guy-"Sure."
girl-"I'm so tired, I'm seeing stars. Do you mind if I take a nap while you work?"
Tattoo guy-"I thought you wanted a little heart, now you want stars? That look like a map? Ok, but it will take a lot of them. Are you sure about this?"

Fancy Schmancy said...

I've had 2 tattoes inked onto my body - there is no freakin' way I would ever be able to fall asleep while someone was sticking needles in MY FACE, even if I wanted to. She was either on drugs or is lying. Fierce picture of Bruno!