Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Smile !

I leave you guys for comments on this shot ! LOL

She could act in one of Michael Jackson's come-back vids !

I've seen James Brown - he's ALIVE !

Being arrested is most of the times NOT FUNNY or it must have been the day Geert Wilders got arrested at Heathrow airport en wasn't allowed to enter the UK.
The pictures being taken after the arrest are called 'mug shots' and they can be pretty hilarious sometimes. Check out this site ; MUGGN !
You can see thé funniest mug shots...a girl with a great 'wish you were here' t short, a guy that looks like a mix of Jabba the Hut and Mr Potato head !
For die-hard fan of this site : you can leave a comment with each picture !

PS check out Geert Wilders too ! :-)


Mr. Condescending said...

Oh this is right up my alley!

Don't they look so gorgeous? Its great seeing celebrities images too!

diane said...

My passport photo has all of these beat. B*stards wouldn't let me re-take the picture. I feel bad for people in mug shots; it's like getting caught with your knickers down.

Dominica said...


you realise know that I HAVE to ask you for your passport picture ??!!
I know, ID cards and passport shots are horrendous and luckily, we have a very nice photographer that let's you pick 1 out of 3 ...:-)

@Mr. C
We ARE so walking on the same alley ;-)

JFK Jean said...

Good god, those were awful pictures....

On that note, my passport photo is zee best. I defy someone to top mine!