Saturday, 20 December 2008

People and things to get inspired by...

Antwerp is not that big, in fact, you can visit our city easily by feet or rent a bike (and a good lock)...
That's why I love it so's compact and has everything you want just a few steps apart. Beautiful shops fill the Nationalestraat where you can find Marlies Dekkers underwear, hairdresser The Cliènt for VIPS and celebrities, Yohji Yamamoto and Fred de la Brétoniere shoes and boots.
At the end of the Nationalestraat you turn right just before the big post office and at the end of this little lane you'll see the APC and Knapp Targa shops. Vanessa Bruno is one of my favourite designers they sell here and I'm very into her bags with glittery details...
Must add one on my summer-must-have list.
For it-places like Strantwerpen in Summer, we must find ourselves a perfect Fendi bag to complete our collection of bags and clutches (on my to-do-list for 2009). Fendi can be found at Verso, Lange Gasthuisstraat (pop in at their café first to have an apple mojito before you hit the shop itself).
Go online for that something extra nobody will find before you do ; and click and order that chasing feathers bangle !

Marlies Dekkers, famous for her underwear design

Silver Vanessa Bruno sac available at Knapp Targa

Thàt dress from designer Claes Iversen

Chasing feathers bangle by

Feérie bottle by Van Cleef & Arpels

Fendi to you bag

Fred de la Brétoniere boots


diane said...

Beautiful items, indeed, for beautiful, little princesses.

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

the size of antwerp sounds just like amsterdam.
Marlies Dekkers is doing really good, since she is under the wings of a decent manager. Go Go!

Bibbi-Jeanette said...

Thank you for the comment :)

I love the bangle!

HEK said...

Ohh that Vanessa Bruno bag! I seem to like evreything from her..
And you know, everytime I visit your blog I really feel like I want to visit Antwerp soon:)

Vytis said...

cool shoes! i am dreaming about similar ones.