Tuesday, 30 December 2008

My treat !

I've been really sick over the past few days and the only advantage was that I've lost about 2 kilo's ...not to bad when everybody is piling on the extra pounds 'cause of their heavy Christmas meals...
Yesterday I've got a call from my BHF H. and she told me to go to the Hermès store 'cause we could have a preview on their sales !!
As I am a good friend and always do what I'm told :-) -- I ran off after closure to the Schuttershofstraat and when I entered the store Wendy (she's so sweet) started laughing...She knew I'd received the phonecall from H.
Hermès can be very classic and I only saw this beautiful trenchcoat but the price was still high, even minus the discount...(hey, the credit crunch does gives us a conscience I guess...)
I then went down to the scarves and as I'm really into the geometrical designs, I asked if there was still one left in a brownish colour.
And there was !
Even got this nice little cardbox wich explains us how to use and tie a Hermès scarf.
After the lessons and my personal little box, I'm happy to show you one way how to tie a(ny) carré scarf.
Also added a picture of me, myself and I of yesterday evening, just before I could enjoy my first real meal again after my (inconvenient) diet...


Jack Daniel said...

Such a nice package for a scarf. :) I really like the explanation of how you should tie it. Haha.

Scarf makes you even more decadent. :P

Dominica said...

@ Jack D.
I needed something decadent, really ! You cannot imagine how sick I have been...my friend even called me Mrs Puke !! :-D
When most people stuff themselves with tons of food, I only ate like one 'tosti' (I mean this) on Sunday and I guess there must have been something wrong with it...
I'll never eat a tosti again ...

Helga said...

nice scarf, you look very stylish!
and me too, like very much package, this colors are my favorite :)
i hope you feel better!

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

great find! and I must say.... tell your husband he's got himself a looker!!! (smile)

Have a great New Year's and even greater new year.

diane said...

D, I'm so sorry to hear you were ill. The scarf is beautiful, and I'm sure you will wear it beautifully. The color of your boots is intriguing. I bet they would look great with the same jacket and a pair of jeans.

Vanna said...

Hey dominica, beautiful scarves! I hope you had a great Christmas and have an even better new year. Take care!

Alessandra said...

Loooooved! You are my hero now...when I grow up... ;-P ...I wanna be just like you and wear Hermés scarfs...hahaha

Happy New Year! You deserve all the scarfs and Hermés coats and bags you might want! You are definitely worthy of them all!

Hope you feel better soon, just in time for partying on New Year's Eve.



HEK said...

You lucky girl, it's so pretty!:)

Happy new year!

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

If I ever have the money for it, I will only dress myself in Hermes. Hehehe.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And Oh yea, I might visit Antwerp soon.

PrincessImp. said...

Glad to hear you are better...happy new year to u!
Truly, you look so stylish rocking your scarf, whenever I try to wear one it just kind of hangs sadly around my neck :P