Sunday, 15 May 2011

Amberes es MAS - Antwerpen is méér !

art by Panamarenko

can you spot me ?

We put our city on the (world)map again this weekend ! Finally the new musem at the River (Musem Aan de Stroom) has opened. This weekend ever1 was granted a free entrance, fireworks, rooftop concerts and so much more to celebrate this happy occasion. So many people today - massive crowds and everybody wanting to see the fabulous building architectually designed by Willem-Jan Neutelings.
We decided to join the crowds today but will pay an actual inside visit in a couple of weeks time. The hype will be reduced and it will be an opportunity to see more (MAS in Spanish :^) of this wonderful building and it's treasures.
The 10 story high building holds offices, a permanent collection, restaurant and partyfloor and panoramic rooftop view and so much more.

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