Sunday, 15 May 2011


This post is dedicated to Pamak ..

I've been a bad blogger.
As people start to react on the fact they've seen the same blogpost for some weeks and dissapointment strikes them as they open my link in their Favorites, I guess it's just time for me to get a grip and start working on some (more) frequently (posted) blogstories.
So I guess it's just fair to share my fave store in Antwerp ; my own little secret for these last couple of years. You must like the way COS presents their collection on the racks ; seeing through it and making a choice between all perfectly finished products. COS is like a mini concept store ; basicly drowned in black, midnight blues, white and off whites. Since last year they added some edgynes in presenting hints of fluorescent colours like green and orange.
Books, candles and jewelry are spread all around the store. Shoes and underwear complement their collection (and style). In fact, you can buy a complete season's outfit in case you would lose your luggage ; a good tip for any1 coming to a European country and suffering this loss and inconvenience. On top of that, prices are democratic and fair. Materials are pure and soft. Silk, cottons and cashmere are mostly used. For shoes, belts and bags it's soft leather.
I'll leave you guys with some pictures, a tiny hint of what you might expect from any COS store around Europe. But a visit won't do you any harm ; check them out and submerge in style and class that won't break the bank.

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