Sunday, 19 June 2011

Just sharing ...

Sometimes, opportunities come your way and they are just too good not to share them with you all ! Hey, a warm welcome to the new addition of followers. So glad you all joined Faces & Places.
In the next months to come, I will blog way more cause we are going to move to a new home. I already imagine me being the next Gizzy Erskine - showing off my cookery skills in a new setting. You can't imagine how happy I am to finally have a BIG kitchen ; a properly installed kitchen. What about a view like the one we have now but no proper place to have your guests seated ?
F*** the view ! I want real people in my house ; no Rubenesque grande dame hanging in front of me on a wall. Let a museum be a museum. It's closed now anyway, so we have nothing left but the view.
But I'm drifting cause the main reason I'm posting this blog today is my friend Henny, stylist, grande dame and almost hedonistic in her way of living. Not in the rock & roll kind of way, but ... seeing life through pink sunglasses.
She celebrated her birthday last Friday and here she was, inviting me to taste some (pink) pastries and bubbles (and it was only 11AM ! ha !)

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