Sunday, 31 January 2010

A true artist ; Dries van Noten

Snapshot at Dries VN shop in Antwerp

This fabric has been woodblock printed ; look how amazing this handwork looks !

Every day, I pass at least 1 time the Dries van Noten shop here in Antwerp. Not because I'm stalking the handsome salesman that works over there but just because Sebastian, my 5 year old, wants to take the tram to go to school. He has a tram-addiction. He likes the ride, watching all the stores he likes (particularly the mall where his fav playstore is) on his way to school. I'm a fool but I have to admit I like the warm cosy ride too - even though we are way quicker if we just would walk to school.
Since last Friday, new collection has been displayed in the DVN shop.
My nose must have left a greasy mark on every tram-window I have been on : this is such a beautiful display, EVERY time !
But this season ; WOW !!
He really got inspired by African/ethnic fabrics ...
He has managed to create a collection that looks Paris on top and African beauty down the waist ... LOVE it !
Correction : ADORE it !
Yesterday hubby picked me up in my shop after closing hours and normally we would go and have a relaxing drink somewhere in the city.
But I asked him to take a look at the window display at Dries'...
I'm getting inspired by just looking at this shop...
I even managed to get hubby inside. He likes Dries too. The suits are perfect for him.
The place was busy, crowded and except for this one politician + wife who 'polluted' the scene...everything was perfect.
Shoes, dresses, jackets, skirts, suits, scarfs, belts ..... aaaahhhhhh !
Hubby seemed to be mesmerized too ; he immediately 'fell' for this scarf and silk shirt ...
And he did not forget his lovely wife :-)
He got me this beautiful jacket and flashy pyton leather green belt.
Yay !


diane said...

"except for a politician and his wife who polluted the scene" Excellent wording there Domi.
Sometimes your posts are like going out, because they are that descriptive. The photos are wonderful, loooove the jacket.

Sarah Lou xx said...

ohh i love your new stuff :-) xxx
u are so pretty!! xx