Thursday, 4 February 2010

Every dog has his day ...

as 'Anonymous' said in a comment on my previous post !
I really need to cut my bangs ....
If I seem to be exhausted, worn out or gaunt ....yes I am.
As Mrs Slocombe would say : my pussy was lost last night and kept our entire family on  a hunt in search of it !
I even suspected our nanny to be a psycho - she surely would have strangled our little darling and kidnapped our decapitated cat in her Mary Poppins bag she brings along every week.
So after I did my collections at Annemie's agency this morning, I wanted a head massage so badly, to get rid off extra wrinkles and a massive headache due to last nights events.
We really lost her and it ;  gave up all hope and cried rivers all night long.
I eventually fell asleep watching CONTROL, a movie noir (we were so in the mood) about Ian Curtis of Joy Division...
until, at midnight, hubby gave me a push with his elbow and woke me up.
He held Jelly (the lost son) in his arms ...
I hate that cat a little for letting India, Sebastian & me cry all night long !
No candy this evening ! Let the cat 'meooow' (cry) for 24 hours !!

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diane said...

Cats are evil.
I like your long bangs.