Saturday, 30 January 2010

little preview

I'm always excited to choose new collections for next season ; the Inge VDB collections are always my fav ! I never know what it's gonna look like cause she's not at the Kleine Fabriek fair but has her own little private showroom.
I'm not showing you all - I like it to be a little bit of a mystery but I can see some of you imagening a complete outfit for some special little girl ...
Wich one is your favourite..the kitten, right ?


diane said...

The Nordic inspired sweaters remind me of Sonja Henie. Is that first skirt linen?
I am still waiting for Babyzilla to pose in the skirt that YOU MADE (so cute). The post that I did on it doesn't do it justice, but you can see the fabric really well. You should be selling your own designs Domi, honestly.

Anonymous said...

Lovely fabric and knitted wear. I would like to see what you'll make out of the fabrics you pick.