Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sussie's retro stock sale (per kilo)

Another great thing in Antwerp (and probably available in many great towns around Europe and the USA) is limited sales in hidden places. Sussie's sells retro vintage clothes, shoes and accessories from the 70ies !
You pick whatever you fancy and at the counter they weigh what you bought ; it's 10€ per kilo.
Lien from the great blog Vermiljoen gave me this great idea if you'd ever found some dress in a wonderful fabric, way too big for yourself to wear, you could use the fabric to create something new !
Why didn't I think of that ?! I like people like Lien whit great ideas tocreate and re-create stuff and help the environment a little too.
Now, I'm not keeping them all myself, but I enjoyed this fancy dress-up fun yesterday evening and hubby seemed to like it too !


diane said...

There's nothing like fun on a budget. Clothing sold by the weight, I love that.
You look adorable, I just bet your hubby had a wonderful time watching you. :)
We have quite a few vintage stores around here, but I haven't been to one in a while. You've inspired me to shop.

vermiljoen said...

je zet er inderdaad weer fantastisch uit!! Bedankt voor de schoon complimenten!

Girl Interrupted said...

Great stuff ... especially loving that paisley long-sleeved shirt!

I'd love to go shopping with you, I bet it would be loads of fun :P

Ps: Your hair looks great too!

Dutch donut girl said...

You look beautiful.