Friday, 16 October 2009

Knit happens !

Just wan't to let you guys know, I'm still knitting my life (and stress) away !
Seems my body was reacting to my inner grinding in my brain and resulted in a very painfull chest (equals reflux)...
I did have a 'body search' 2 years ago for something completely different but also stress related and when the results came back it seemed I had a mal-functioning stomach flap wich made my gastric juices float back into my larynx...
I never had problems with that ; never complained about it too until now !
It has hit me HARD !
That's why I'm knitting the hell out of me !
Now, as a testcase, I've been selling some in my shop and I must say I'm happy as a child when such a piece of 'art' is sold ...silly me, I know !
Oh well, maybe someday some collection will come out of it ; that's my plan.
I still need to figure out where I would find a wholesale/knitting factory were they would make your designs.... at a reasonable price.
Any suggestions ?
If someone has an idea who I could contact to make a sample ..
Thanks ever so much !


Anonymous said...

take care of yourself-these are stressful times!

the guy in the heels is a local guy-i had seen a photo somewhere (vintage) of a guy in a suit and heels and so copied that. ;)

Anonymous said...

i just realized i posted under a different email. it's me! designerman!! xx

Dominica said...


haha, that happens to me too sometimes, when I'm playing w/ the blog of my shop !
Hi designerman !

diane said...

So cool that you are doing that! Did I ever tell you that my SIL used to design knitwear for Adrienne Vittadini and was vice-president of her company for 10 years? Well, she started out by hiring women to knit her designs, and then sold them to stores in NYC.
So keep at it Domi, you never know where it may lead you. xo